Good to see the Midnight Tulle Multi paired coordinated with a nonconventional top. I think this is the main issue with this print is that it will be hard to pair with tops and Lululemon hasn’t been making many coordinating ‘color stories’ like they used to. 

Kick The Cold Funnel Neck, Midnight Tulle Wunder Under Pant

Wunder Under Pant Midnight Tulle

Fleecing Cold Zip Up

 Fresh Tracks 1/2 Zip

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  1. Hi LLM,

    Just curious how you felt about the Rest Less Hoody vs Pullover? I just recieved the latter, and like it, but am wondering if it is worth hunting down a hoody instead? Thank you!

    1. I've been pondering the hoodie as well, but agree I think the pullover is something I'd wear more often. I just received my pullover in the mail and am finding it to be really long – too long, and I'm 5'6" but nobody else seems to be complaining. I think I could have taken a size down in the body/length but it would have been quite snug in the arms and shoulders. Maybe it's just me. Bummer because I like the weight of it otherwise.

    2. I ordered both but the hoodie was delayed so I just have the long sleeve. I like it a lot, I just need to decide which i like better between the two. I suspect I will prefer the look of the hoodie but will find the LS more useable.

    3. I thought my comment posted but don't see it so I'll try again 🙂
      Did you order the black rest less hoodie in size 10 lulumum? That color/size sold out overnight on upload and is the only size/color that is not available in store…and never was. Wondering if it is a quality issue since you said yours is delayed?? I was really hoping to try it so find this discouraging and strange!

    4. I didn't see it come in on my end, sorry about that.
      I ordered a size up. I'm feeling fluffy lately and I don't like tops like swiftlies to cling to my midsection. In store I tried on the bright orange one in my TTS and it looked good (I have a fit review picture up from last week) but I wanted less cling around my middle.
      I noticed that the sizes where sold out so I am nervous that I may never get the one I ordered.

  2. I stopped by a lululemon store today while holiday shopping and saw the wunder under pants in the iridescent multi black print (the feathers that sort of look like fish gills). I really like the print in person! I wasn't sold on them at all from any of the online photos. But I think the print translates better in person. Snagged a pair and can't wait to try them at TRX class.

    I also stopped by Athleta and they had a lot of really nice pieces that I wanted. But I won't spend $200 for a cardigan at lululemon and I won't at Athleta either. But I did walk away with a fantastic pair of herringbone leggings for only $84! I don't think they're meant to work out in, but they were pretty with back pockets. In case you are missing lululemon's herringbone offerings and need a fix 🙂

  3. Bit OT but what are peoples opinions on the tech mesh, I want to get the black for a bit of a punk/sexy look, but I think the blue will look a bit more classy and I can't decide which id like more

    1. I own several pairs and love them. Own black , navy and army green ones. I wear the black ones for casual wear. You will love any color. These are classic lulu and so happy they made more.

    2. I would buy black. These tights are not exactly what I would call classy though. Punk/sexy maybe…but since they came out two years ago, I think they will look dated soon.

    3. Thanks for that, I probably won't end up buying a pair, I do agree that they can look a bit trashy and dated, not to mention I have way nicer prints and textured tights that are easier to wear, I will fight the fomo

    4. I agree with anon 11:21AM. Also, very much agree with anon 4:11PM. I wouldn't call these classy, I also wouldn't say they're a timeless classic or classic lulu. They're more "trendy" and trends end up looking dated sooner than later and since they've been around for a while now, like anon 11:21 mentioned, it's already been played out. Punk/sexy might be a good description that could work for the black ones if that's the look you're going for though.

    5. Maybe just go and try them on, then decide if you want them? I have a friend who wears the black ones with a long sweater and flats, and I think she looks adorable. I think the trashy-ness is really in how you style them. They look so cute on her, I bought a pair for myself, tried them on multiple times, but they really aren't right for me. When I returned them, an ed told me she had the same experience. It's possible you won't know if actually want them until you put them on. That's probably not helping, but if you live near a store and are curious, I'd say just go check them out. It will eliminate that ongoing fomo you might experience if they sell out.

    1. I think it depends on how the website is reporting the sale to ebates? That's my guess anyway. I've had ebates give me full credit on some sites and partial (the part I actually paid $$) other times.

  4. OT: I'm on the verge of ordering Fresh Tracks sweats in carbon. Any comments on length and fabric feel? It says on the web site tech fleece and that's what I'm hoping for , is that right? I thought somebody mentioned earlier they are cotton terry instead? Any fit suggestions? I used to size down in Jet crop slims from my regular 4 to 2. Don't own any other lulu loose kind of pants. TIA!!

  5. A little off topic, but I went into Lulu this weekend and there was NOTHING I wanted. I walked around for almost a half an hour hoping against hope that I would find something, anything (I really wanted one of the winter shoppers) – but nada. On the other hand, I popped in to Ivivva for the first time and came out with two tanks (like the CRB, but they actually fit me better – one in vintage pink and one from the Moon Gem collection) and the gorgeous luxtreme reflective running pants. I'm a 4-6 in Lulu and I bought size 14. The fit was great! The pants were only $72 and the tanks were $28 and $32… I'll put up sharing a dressing room area with 10 year olds for prices like that! The sales staff were super nice and totally jealous that I could fit in kids clothing. Finally – a plus side to being vertically challenged!

    1. We are similar in size, maybe I am little smaller. I ordered the same tank and pants from the Moon Gem Collection, both size 14. They are on the way. I am very excited to hear how much you like yours!

    2. Ha, ha – and finally a penalty for being 5'9". Oh, well. I may still try some of their tops. Their version of the Scuba looks like it's made of the heavier material that the Scuba II was. And since their CRBs are essentially still the original cut, they might not be too short on me. I've been a little worried for Ivivva's viability – the prices are cheap by adult standards, but very high for 6 year olds – so it's probably not a bad thing to have a bunch of adult women propping up their sales. It's also going to send a message to Lulu, if anyone there is listening.

    3. The Ivivva near me is a ghost town. I walk in and they practically hug me they are so bored. The prices are high for me to purchase for my kid since she will grow out of it quickly, however if I get something on a good MD I buy it a few sizes too big so she can wear it longer (jackets, heavy shirts). I think they would love to have anyone, even adults in there buying clothes!

    4. we have Ivivva pop ups here, I wish we had a full store. Or, I wish Lululemon would dedicate a small section to Ivivva in their stores. My girls live in Ivivva and lots of their field hockey playing friends live in it as well. At a tournament this past weekend of under 14 year olds, I would say 1/2 the kids had an Ivivva skirt on. There really, beside cheaper brands which my girls hate because they rub or fit funny, are not great options for girls for athletic wear. My girls wear UA but more for casual than playing sports in. I do buy up a size and I do try to only buy on mark down.

  6. They probably figure we can pair any top they make lately with the blue tulle pants because all they've done is put out black, gray and white (insert eye roll here). Yes it is nice to see color with color finally. But since it's really the only actual color (enough with burgandy!) lately there's not much stores can photo that looks different. And this was probably the only actual color IN the store to put with these that wasn't black. or white. or gray.

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