I’m sorry I don’t have true try on photos for you or a fit review. I’m in the middle of doing my pre Christmas festivities cleaning and my order just arrived and I noticed something about these pants that I wanted to share. First of all, they are divinely soft luon and very heavily weighted. Secondly, when I tried them on I was really confused at the sheen I was seeing in the black portion. The pants fit looser than a lot of my other wunder under pants (because it’s a thickly knit luon) so there is bunching of material in certain areas,  but the dark portion of the pants had a bit of a sheen. On closer inspection I could see that there where metallic threads imbedded in the ‘weft’ side of the knit. I thought that perhaps these where silverescent but the material tag says 84% Nylon, 16% Lycra. I’m curious for those of you that also ordered these if you are also getting the same sheen in the darker portions. They are otherwise gorgeous and so soft so I’ll be keeping them – but the price!! 

I also ordered the Mini Cinder Lace Wunder Under Pants and I am in love with the print. 

Wunder Under Pant (Hi Rise) Ombre Melange


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  1. Sorry for going off topic, Lulumum. But just had to share. Just checking out Lululemon site and noticed ALL sizes in both colours are showing up as available for Tech Mesh WUP and yesterday noticed they were all "selling out", lol. Trying to create FOMO for anyone sitting on the fence I wonder? Pretty sure they have been pulling this trick before too for certain items.

    1. It just seems strange that it seems to be happening with certain items. And to clarify my first comment above, the lol isn't because I think it is funny that they are being manipulative and playing these games with their customers (if that is indeed the case) but because I can't believe that they seem to be stooping so low these days.

    2. I've been watching that inventory quite closely as well, since I've been seeing a ton of social media hype on them. I'm feeling cynical about it too.

  2. Hi lulumum,
    I tired these on in store today in my tts and also found there was a sheen in the darker portion which made me uneasy since I felt it may have given a "sheer" impression. What do you think? Otherwise I loved them as well. I'm hoping to hear what others think as well, especially for $128 plus tax.

    1. I'm going to try them on again in a little while and let you know about sheerness. I've read reports that these are sheer on others so I suspect they will be. IF they are, I can't keep them.

  3. I get this kind of a sheen when trying something that is too stretched out over my bust or thighs/butt. I've always thought it meant it's too small for me in those areas even if the rest fits(and isn't shiny and too stretched in those areas). I'm petite but curvy(petite/hourglass shape).

    1. I've had that before too but not in pants that don't have a lot of compression and don't feel tight at all. It could be that thats what that is, but if thats the case I think these pants are especially sensitive to stretch.

    1. Not with Lulu. They don't have "real" time inventory and when it's in your cart it's not yours until you go through and finish checking out. Therefore, it doesn't take anything out of the count if you have it in your cart.

  4. Well the website can now ship from stores. I had an order ship from Oshawa when I ordered it through the website. It was random.

    1. This was a brand new tank size 12 black. Showed online from the website. I ordered it and some reason it shipped from a store. It was a full price item. Came in the exact same shipping bag and shipping receipt.

    2. I recall reading the blogs on this topic regarding the last quarterly report/call. Shipping from stores had been successfully piloted in 2016 and would be further expanded before Christmas. It makes sense that they are leveraging inventory that is nearer your location to get it to you sooner. This also means not having to deal with lingering inventory that they eventually would have to markdown or send to outlet or warehouse.

    3. I am still waiting a week for my orders to ship across the country when it shows stores in my area have lots of stock… so I'm not sure how accurate it is that they are shipping orders from stores that are closer to where you live instead of from the warehouse.

    4. Honestly for me there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the shipments from stores. I have only had a handful of items ship from store and it has been a mixture of newly released items and WMTM. One of the items was the iridescent multi high times and I ordered them on upload so not sure why they shipped from store.

    5. I would actually prefer my orders to continue shipping from the warehouse rather than stores. I like knowing that most of the time (other than the possibility for the occasional return) I will be receiving "fresh" items that haven't been out on the floor in stores and tried on, etc.

    6. They probably have not ironed out all the bugs? Re: ship from nearest store, warehouse(s) and so forth. Surely takes time. I hear you on "fresh" items coming from a warehouse vs. in store. As in less exposure to try on, handling. But, we have all read the horror stories about what the warehouse ships right back out from the on-line returns and what state they can be in. IT It is just good sense to always wash items before wearing (and committing to owning, as in taking tags off and return period is technically over). You don't know who was in it before you and never mind having been overseas and all that goes with that process.

    7. Especially people who have specifically said they go into the stores to try things right AFTER their workout!! Disgusting! If you have ever done this you should be ashamed of yourself. Huge pet peeve! Those that have no common decency.

    8. Lol to that! I bought a gorgeous pink power y bra last winter. I didn't realize until I went to try it on, it stunk like the WORST BO ever!! I have never smelled that bad, lol!!! I didn't even try it on and I suspect that's why it was on SALE! Bc everyone was too scared to buy it. So I bought and immediately put it in the washing machine! Luckily it washed out great or I definitely would have returned due to "body odor issues".

  5. Thanks for the report LLM, in particular "they are divinely soft luon and very heavily weighted," great to know. I'd like to get them but cannot tolerate the price. I don't need them so it will be a waiting game for me. Fully aware they could sell out.

    My good news was getting the Rest Less Pullover in heathered military green on markdown in store today (Ontario). I was running errands and had a bit of time, totally was not going to go in. I guess it was meant to be because I've had my eye on this colour but declined to pay the full price. (I thought it might make it to Boxing Day sale). I have two prior versions and I love this top in general. (It is still full price on the web site and seems to be selling out at this point too…although maybe they are messing with the numbers?)

  6. Could the shine be due to the lycra content? Have a pair of blue striated HT from last year that "shine" just like that. Have to say, these ombres look very pretty and are tempting. But that price!

    1. I'm thinking this too, that maybe it has something to do with the lycra content in certain items… I sometimes have this happen in areas where I'm curvier and the fabric has to stretch a bit more… but not with every item… for example, some solid colour Luon CRBs make this sheen over my bust area and others do not… the printed ones backed in white I can't even wear (some might accept it but I'm super picky and don't like the fade out – don't like when printed bottoms do this either and many people seem to love them but I can't handle the fade out, lol, so I usually don't buy printed bottoms), but the printed CRBs backed in matching colour are good for me normally. I have the Pipe Dream Blue snake print one and it's backed in pipe dream blue and it's great, also have Breezy Regal Plum/Black printed WUC and they aren't backed in white and they are great too. But, as said, sometimes even solid colour Luon can stretch out to a sheen for whatever reason, I guess just the different "recipe" of the fabric content? maybe dye has some kind of effect in combination with the "recipe" too?

    1. @ tri like mary, on the App you can pick your size and search with location turned on. It will show stores nearest you and even farther away but within your country. Stock numbers such as 6+ if they have a lot and then of course lesser numbers. You can even now search a size at a store even if it sold out online (previously you couldn't do this, just wouldn't let you search the size/store). I am on the Android App which originally didn't let you search for stock but they eventually updated it. The website does not let you search for stock at stores, the size is either available online or it shows "out of stock". I may as well add that if you then want to call a store to confirm that it really is in stock, answering those calls varies by store. some let it go straight to voice mail during busy times, or all the time from what I have read. I'm in Ontario, Canada and even in a big city, they often answer. I generally don't leave a voice mail if I get voice mail. I have also called the main GEC on stock and they have connected me with the most likely store I'll have success at. Good luck!

    2. On the Canadian site you can now also check inventory online (and in the app) – not sure for the US though. There's a "Check Store Availability" link under the "Express Checkout" button. HTH!

  7. OT here- does anyone know how Lorna Jane is doing in the U.S.? I was just randomly thinking about them. They have 2 stores in my market, and I NEVER see anyone wearing the clothes, and there's been no chatter about them on the activewear blogs I follow. I was just wondering if they were doing well here. Anyone know? Also- YogaSmoga filed for bankruptcy. Not surprising- the activewear market has become so oversaturated and competitive.

  8. I would like to mention that the stock option can be wrong. I was previously looking for pace rival tights and it showed my store had none and my size was sold out online. Imagine my surprise when I popped in the store and saw them. My eds said calling and checking on product was more accurate.

    1. I experienced something similar too. Also, if they show 1 in stock most likely they don't have it.
      I am still happy they have this options as it gives us something to work with.

  9. I just tried on my ombré melange wup and they are thick and opaque. I do see a little bit of a sheen running down the entire leg, but not that much. I'm between a 4&6 and ordered a 6. They are not tight but feel great on. I just don't see the justification in price, but love them. So torn!!!

    1. There is a review of these WU's on LLA blog Dec. 21 2016 (comment time 2:10 p.m.) that is quite candid

      Don't care how lovely they may seem. Not torn at all. Not paying that price. Maybe on md, maybe not. Don't care at all if I don't get them. Have enough.

    2. Exactly, anon 5:22AM! This is how I'm feeling about all LLL these days. I can easily pass on things that I wouldn't have been able to before (used to have all the new Swiftly colours I liked for ex). Not complaining though. Honestly being addicted and so attached to LLL clothes/brand (or anything else really) is actually not at all healthy. Feels good not being as obsessed as I used to be (work in progress, still checking the blogs and LLL site regularly, haha, but at least I don't have to have everything that I see that I like anymore!).

    3. I feel exactly like you, anon @7:23. It's also helpful to remind myself how much stuff I already have and ask myself when, exactly, I'll be able to wear whatever it is I'm considering, given the amount of workout clothes I already own. I had a moment of weakness on the Fast and Frees because I loved the Fairisle pattern and I haven't loved a print of Lulu's in … years … but overall, I'm doing very well at walking away.

      I was in the store today and the quality of so much of the stuff was so low and the prices so high that I wasn't remotely tempted.

    1. Thanks for the update. Good to know! Do you have any full pics with them on? Mike don't get here until Friday and I am dying to try them.

  10. OT, I got my ivivva rhythm reversible tights today in the super nova print. I LOVE them! I wear size 6 lulu bottoms and ordered size 14. They are beautiful! Opaque, and reverse to all black for $76 with tax. I'm 5'7 with 31" inseam and the length was great ! Just FYI for anyone looking for more color choices :)0

    1. I am so annoyed because I went to the Ivviva store (Park Roayl, West Vancovuer) and when I said I'm here to see if anything fits me the ed said 'oh, our clothing is for 14 year old girls. I don't think anything will fit you'. she was so rude I didn't feel like even trying anything! I now want to go back and trying every item they have just to be mean too. Like, I am size 6, fairly slim shape. I am tall, but I am pretty sure some things would fit me!

    2. Anon 7:21. I'm sorry that happened to you. That's so rude! Hopefully you don't run into that SA if you go back and try a ton of stuff on.

    3. I'm sorry to hear that happened also :(. I went into the Bayshore store in Ottawa (and was afraid of being body shamed…). But the girls at that store are AMAZING! They were all so friendly and polite and said lots of adults were heading there from lulu, helped me find my size 14 and said they already had other adults trying stuff on!! I had expected to have to lie and say I was looking for my "younger sister " (lol she's 19 now). But, nope good to go! I even got an email a few days later bc they had noticed my lulu account was R&D and so they just hooked me up this week! (Haven't made a purchase using it at Ivivva, but was beyond impressed with their customer service). I'm so sorry that doesn't help you, but I wanted you to know "it's ok!" And you're not the only trying their stuff! I wear a size 4/6 in lulu tops and buy size 14 ivivva tops. I just got a long sleeve cotton Pima in the mail and it's actually loose on me! I was lucky to snag the galaxy print tights (reversible) and love them! Lucky bc I got an opaque pair! I got my melange wups today they are opaque, but a little shiny (I don't mind) and got my tech mesh wups, which are slightly sheer. I'm a little torn, you can see the hang tag through, but oddly "not" my thong?? May try on in better light and see how bad it is. The melange wups "do" feel marginally looser than the tech mesh. But, I don't like my pants falling down. Which is hard to find sizes with a 26" waist and 40" hips. So, I take my smaller size 6 instead of 8, bc I don't like constantly pulling up my pants!!

  11. Super nervous about the sizing! I ordered my usual size of an 8, but now am wondering if I should have ordered a 6? When you say they run big, how big would you say?

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