Run For Cold Pullover TTS 10

This years winter running outerwear is finally here and instead of down, it is primaloft with a more matte finish than last years fluff pullovers. The primaloft option will appeal to those of you that don’t wear down. There are three pieces to the Run For Cold collection, the pullover, jacket and vest. The color options are plum, black and white. I liked this pullover actually. I don’t think it’s as hardy as previous years down pullovers but it looks nice on and I like that the 1/2 zip zipper goes down a long way. I don’t like this new cotton fleece material they are using instead of RULU though, it seems a lot flimsier. They are calling it ‘four way stretch’ material which I think is hilarious. Way to be oblique. 

detail shots

The inside ‘soft’ panels is this brushed cottony fleece. I don’t care for this material as it’s rather thin and not very warm, although it is soft. 

Back pocket is wide and short so I think you’d have to put your smart phone in on it’s side, or use this pocket for snacks.

Run For Cold Jacket TTS 10

The jacket is not bad, quite light weight but pretty plain. I didn’t dislike it but I also wasn’t wowed by it. The pullover has more design features and more visual interest. 

Run For Cold Vest TTS 10

The vest was nice too but I like last years (and restocked this year) Down For A Run Vest. The quilting and the rulu sides make it a much more stylish option. I think the matte black of the glyde in these pieces will appeal to a lot of you though. This vest is comfortable and really light, and warm but not toasty. 

You can see some of the perforated ‘ventilation’ holes in this Run For Cold line in this picture. 

Outrun LS TTS 10

I liked this pullover a lot but mostly for the color. The rulu felt a bit stiff but once on it felt softer and more relaxed. I think this years rulu has less lycra and is only brushed on the inside with a smoother finish on the outside, so that change is throwing me off. I liked the little scalloped reflective detailing at the cuff. I’m going to wait for the Nocturnal Teal Swiftly Tech LS instead I think. 

Nocturnal Teal Cool Racerback II  comes in Nocturnal Teal and Plum

SO MAD. I wanted to want this Cool Racerback because I love this Nocturnal Teal color. It’s a CRB II though which I’ve kiboshed, and the price seems ridiculous. I’ve also found the last three CRB II’s I’ve tried on fit tighter than the first run of CRB II’s that where out in the summer. I also found this one sheer over my bust. I would have purchased this CRB in a heartbeat if it was the original version and original price, but instead I’m going to wait and see what other items we get in this color. 

Outrun 1/2 Zip TTS 10

I really liked this pullover a lot and am considering ordering it tonight. The color is really pretty and much brighter than the LS I showed above. I like the looser fit and the softness of this jacquard material over the new version of rulu. An interesting thing I noticed is that the 1/2 zip zipper is curved. Are all 1/2 zips like that these days? I think it makes it much easier to pull the zipper up or down when you are one handed. 

Ombre Wunder Under Pant TTS 10

I tried these on today and I was surprised that the Ombre lighter color actually goes up my entire calf. I’m short at 5’4 but I also have short legs so I didn’t expect to see enough of the ombre. I did. If I wear boots it’s completely covered but if I’m wearing my running shoes you would see plenty of it. These are on my ‘wait for markdown’ list. 

Fast And Free Tight Nocturnal Teal – TTS 10

I really liked these a lot. I think this is the best version of Nulux tights that have been released so far.  It’s as nice as the Like Nothing Tight, but it’s not missing the crotch seam which I feel is essential, and it has pockets on the side with reflective detailing at the cuff. This is a very functional tight for runners. I love the higher rise and the side seams. My only complaint about these is the raw hem at the ankles. This is not a ‘feature’ I look for in pants and it really causes me to hesitate on spending $138 plus tax. I want nicely finished for that price, not potential bagging out or unravelling. I’m going to think about it and may purchase these tonight since I’ve been really wanting to try out nulux for a workout. 

Nocturnal Teal Align Tights 

I accidentally grabbed a size up in these but I tried them on anyways. Although these are nocturnal teal, because they are so matte they read more grey than the color does in other materials.

 DOn’t Sweat It Kit $58

these are cute! I was tempted to get one but I don’t need a new makeup bag. I really like that it’s chevron quilted.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back Ebates is back up to 8% today for Lululemon (last week was 4%), so if you order something online for tonights upload, don’t forget to use it!

  1. This is all totally unappealing. If it weren't for the logos in the pics you would never know this is LLL. The ombre is just faded enough to look like a defect. Missing the halcyon days of Lululemon over here!

  2. What did you think of the fleece please pants? I'm always freezing and would love a warm bottom layer for casual wear, but the French terry makes me think they're pretty light?

  3. You sold me on the vest. I didn't get a black DFAR vest last year, just the jacket so I might have to grab that. I love that we have similar body types and we're the same height. You make shopping so easy. 😀 Odd that the Ombre pants didn't show up like that on me, maybe they updated the style? Maybe I got a bad pair?

  4. Glad the Fast and Free pants have side pockets, but I still can't see spending that much money on them. I'd rather buy Speeds for less and get compression and finished hems. Still, I'll put them on my WMTM watch list. 🙂

    The Outrun LS seemed promising, but I hate dropped shoulder seams. Very unflattering. Really wish they would re-release the Base Runner LS. It's similar but better.

    Liking the idea of the Nocturnal Teal, but I think I'll have to see it in person.

    Thanks for the fit review, LLM! Really appreciate getting this perspective pre-upload.

  5. I think the curved zipper looks awful. It looks like a manufacturing defect. I don't care if it was done intentionally and if it is easier to zip up/down.

  6. What colour is nocturnal teal? It's looking very black in the photos. Can you comment on the rise of the fast and free tight? Is the rise the same as the like nothing right or lower ? (Found that one to be too high) May be interested in these if the rise is not too high just don't understand the unfinished hem. Agree with you on the essential crotch seam though. It's weird when it's missing.

  7. I think the outrun 1/2 zip looks very cute on you I don't particularly like the back and with everything so high hafta love all of it. I have the fast and free love them but not cold enough for me to run in them yet. I hate being negative on here but I'm kinda underwhelmed by it all. No cute details or colors. My old stuff never wears out so no real need. I wore some of my new stuff and love it but felt like a ninja. The wander pant is awesome.

  8. I heard that primaloft does not stay wet like feathers do but is supposedly as warm. I too am curious if nocturnal teal is on more of a navy side of colour with a hint of green….curious how close it is to inkwell and naval blue

  9. OT: Have you ever tried Teeki hot pants? I just discovered them this weekend while walking by Semperviva and OMG they are comfortable. They feel like a lighter Nulux fabric.
    They are similar fit to the WU high rise pant, but I prefer the fit of these WAAAY better. The rise is slightly lower so it doesn't cross over the belly button (I find this annoying), and the ankles are actually fitted (WU tights and HT tights have huge gaps around the ankles for me). They don't have compression, so if this is what you like than forget them, but if you like the feel of aligns they are amazing. The downside – very slightly sheer, but if you wear thongs it's not an issue. After trying these, I'm honestly never buying another pair of luxtreme HT or WU.

  10. Get the Fast and Free tights! I wore them for a run yesterday and they were wonderful! They definitely don't have compression so if people are looking for that, they should look elsewhere. But for comfort, they can't be beat.

  11. I hope that quilted Don't Sweat It kit isn't replacing the Mind & Body Kit that they bring out every holiday season. And the Outrun LS is a sad replacement for the Tuck & Flow LS. The dropped shoulder seams and the tiny pleat in the back just make a person's upper body and arms look really broad and shapeless…

  12. The run for cold pullover and jacket are so unflattering. At least the vest looks nice. More money saved…. I don't even buy stuff from upload anymore. WMTM only. At first I thought the Outrun LS was a replacement for the tuck & flow by how it looks on the model, but she must be wearing like 2 sizes up. Pass on all of this.

  13. The website has some close ups of details on the jacket that make it look promising, but again – like the Rush Hour – it looks too short for me. Has Lulu got a new strategy to get rid of their tall customers? Seems like tops, pants, and jackets are all getting shorter. They might save a few bucks in material costs, but I'm not buying a jacket that doesn't fit – no matter how much it gets marked down.

  14. The Rush Hour Long sleeve is adorable, I got mine today, lOOVVVEEE it, I am between a sz 6 and 8, bought the 4, it fits and looks amazing, not short…its perfect, I am 5` 6“ it is goes below my hips. for 59.00 on WMTM it is a total score, I bought 3 of the Outrun LS, they are long and cover my bum, soft, but the rush hour is perfect for go to and from and very very soft…. looking for the blue

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