1. The new print is growing on me, especially after seeing you LLM in the pants. I got it in the zen bra. I also love the moonlit magenta with the military green aligns. I picked the align crops up at my store yesterday along with the zen bra. Love them!!

    1. THIS!!! I saw that picture and I gasped in horror. For real!
      Also I think the combination between the thin racerback and the straps of the tank is an utter mess.

    2. I know!!! I hate that little bit of chunky stitching right in the middle of the racer back so much! I will never buy one, no matter what the colour. The price is ridiculous. Oh well. Never mind. I have enough classic crb's to last a lifetime anyway.

  2. Not even that drop-dead-gorgeous model can come close to selling me those Bloom Booms ( she totals sold me on the swiftly/align combo. They are the ugliest pants I ever did see.

  3. Every time I see the back of the CRBII, I'm struck by how unbalanced it looks, and the terrible stitching in the middle of the racerback. It's just a terrible design. I'm so sad that none of the recent great solids ever showed up in the supposed "online only" CRB. What a crock.

    1. @anon 5:26 Yes! That is a perfect word to describe the crbII. Unbalanced. I don't own one and never will and it is too bad as I would have bought several in the new colours they brought out if it was offered in the CRB. The SAME thing said for dance studio pants and the Scuba II. Looking at colours released since they changed these styles that probably represents about $3000 in missed spending from me alone. Since there are plenty of others who I know feel the same way, do the math in missed revenue. Then add previous loved styles, make them in new colours with perhaps a small but cute design change and "Cha Ching" Do they not want to make money????

    2. Sorry going to continue the rant with one more example. The tuck and flow in Rulu. Everyone is crying for them. Sure, charge a bit more, make them in nice Rulu and colours like Alberta lake, black swan or Zinfadel, Grevvy, Bali Breeze or Menthol, Tofino teal… This equals instant revenue. I just don't understand…..

    3. totally agree with you ladies!
      the crb ll is atrocious. didn't buy one, never will.
      if the original crb was released in the gorgeous recent colors I would have bought them all. yup, I'm doing the math!

    4. I bought some CRBs in the stores (they are still in stores over here in the UK for the moment) and the length was perfect as I'm quite rotund and I am 'curvy' round the middle so you can get them to cover up a multitude of sins. Then I ordered the new black CRB II online thinking it didn't look that different and it's too short so you have to wear it pulled right down! Wah! I'm planning a trip to the stores asap to stock up while I can with the originals.

  4. Haven't bought a single CRB II either. I saw colors like True Red, the purple camo one, marked down at my store and some other color in my size and I easily passed on them. I used to buy the original CRB in colors I liked.

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