Fit Review: Ready To Rulu Hoodie, Rush Hour 1/2 Zip, Divinity Scarf

Since stores no longer do product drops on Monday and the new items debut on Tuesdays, I decided to do a fit review of a couple of items from last weeks upload that I hadn’t gotten to. I’ll be back tomorrow to review the new stuff. 

Ready To RULU Hoodie

I tried on this Ready To Rulu in my size 10 (the white/black) and my size down 8 in the Sapphire. I didn’t expect to like the feel of this jacquard RULU but it’s actually pretty soft and stretchy and I would definitely consider it. Perhaps in another design. I’d snatch up a Tuck and Flow LS in this material for sure. Both sizes fit well – the TTS was oversized in the chest and underarm area and longer while the TTS fit better in the chest but was slightly shorter. I would have purchased this in my regular size 10 because I like a slouchy fit in Rulu tops. I normally gravitate to the Rulu pullovers at this time of year but instead I got the Olive swiftly tech LS so I can’t justify purchasing these but I do like the black and white one and will have it on my ‘maybe’ list if it goes to markdown.

Rush Hour 1/2 Zip TTS 10

This top was really cute from the front and I like that it’s a solid color Rulu but I don’t gravitate to any of the colors this came in. I also really don’t like the back pleat detail. Design wise I feel like it’s missing those cute lululemon details like the contrasting panels of heathered material, pockets, seam details, ruffles…. I don’t know, it’s just really missing some features I think, especially in the front. Of course I probably would have been all over this top in Alberta Lake or Bali Breeze.

Divinity Scarf

This scarf is incredibly thick and weighted so it felt really bulky in the arm area. From pictures it looks really chic but on my body it felt really bulky, wide and cropped. I have a scarf similar to this from last year that had an angled zipper on it and that one felt more flattering on me and much lighter and easier to wear, I think probably because it was shorter and biased cut. I also like ponchos like these when they have a more fluid drape which you don’t get in this because of the bulk of the knit.  If you are tall though, this is gorgeous!

  1. I was in store yesterday for the first time in a long time, and everything was so, so bad. No Flow Y bras at all. Bought up the last of my size in the original CRBs in staple colors. Lots of CRB IIs in full size run. Most of the items were generic and indistinguishable from one another, and the prices were just completely laughable. Color appears to be on the way out, and fabrics are noticeably poorer quality. I thought the 'Rulu' (let's be real – it's not) felt cheap and not at all like the Rulu we know and love. Finally got to see the Speed tights with mesh in person and hell to the no thank you. Eds seemed particularly rude and on edge. This brand is tanking fast. I was in the store for almost a half hour and I didn't see anyone else buy anything.

    1. I am also very disappointed by the store offerings too. As soon as you enter all you see is black, white and grey. The entire pants wall is just so lifeless.
      The prices are ridiculous too. And I say this because the quality and design is not there. Yes we all know that there are other companies that charge more for their products. But they are also better in quality and design!

  2. I was immediately drawn to the Divinity Scarf when I walked into my local store. The print is awesome but if feels like the lead cover they use at the dentist office. I was shocked it was so heavy!

  3. To piggyback off anon's first post:
    Those designs! My eyes hurt! Or should I say lack of designs… But seriously, those pieces look like something you can get in ANY store. Not lululemon special like you said.

  4. The black and white jacquard Ready to RULU top looks really nice on you but I just cannot justify paying $118 plus tax for it. I was in a store yesterday and found nothing interesting. Ended up buying a FTBW bra as it's my favourite bra and I have a feeling that it might be discontinued with the introduction of the FTBZ and FTBT bras. I guess bras are the only items I can afford now. 🙂

  5. Love your reviews, lulumum! Does the divinity scarf cover your bum?? I am long-torsoed and tall and need something that covera my backside. Thoughts?

  6. I went to my store on Sunday and bought Ready to rulu hoodie, Rush hour jacket and Like nothing pants . All in black lol Now debating what I'll keep. The tights most likely will go back since their androgynous seamless front freaks me out. Although I LOVE Nulux fabric. Just will have to wait for a more traditional style. I'm pretty pissed that the price on the hoodie is $118 while the 1/2 zip is $108. WTH??? I sized down and it looks better imo. I would keep it at $108, but will most likely return at this price and wait till md. As far as jacket goes it's definitely a winner. I didn't care that much for Kanto catch me last year, but Rush hour has more classic style. I really liked darkest magenta , but after long consideration ended up buying black since it's more practical and will go with everything

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