1. Thanks Lulumum for all your fitting sessions with Lulu/nordstroms/ etc, Carbon 38 Window shopping thoughts, beauty routine sharing, and sharing with us with everything you encounter in the retail & travel world :o) Thanks for letting us share our happy, neutral, and not-so-happy moments too– esp. in regard to Lulu.
    Also appreciate the word on Ebates– your post reminded me that I signed up 3 years ago at my friend's genuine persuasion since I do so much online shopping with young kids. Of course,after I signed up, I was so skeptical that I didn't use Ebates at all with my Nordstrom, Amazon, Ebay, activewear purchases (Athleta, Sweaty Betty). Thanks for opening my eyes again to Ebates.
    Just wondering, do you (or anyone) know if is there a catch with more junk mail via postal office & e-mail?
    Love the new blue define on you….thanks for pointing it out in the sea of new product..sometimes unique, beautiful gems (like that define u just purchased) gets lost in the upload where I just see marbled, attention-getting wunder unders admist black clothing pieces and a ton of shirts. I seem not to notice such outstanding pieces with the new layout of the website as much. Often with WMTM too. I remember WMTM (at the end of the product online listing revamp) was categorized in sections labeled tops/ bottoms/accessories. Maybe it's just my eyes…or maybe I've become a little more distanced from Lulu (with price hikes & all) that I seem not to pick such a beauty right away.but thanks for pointing it out and for everything else that you do:o).

    1. Hi I've used Ebates for a few years and received no new spam email or snail mail (post office delivery kind) that I know of! 🙂

  2. And how could I forget… thanks for sharing your experiences with Sea wheeze & races , cross-fit, working out too! And explaining any Lulu corporate quarter reports that I may not outrightly understand in its entirety. Thanks for everything else you've done & shared with us as I may have missed mentioning everything that you do. :o)

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