Pretty boring upload today but I anticipate a big one next week after all those VIP sneak peek events at the stores this week and next. I didn’t get an invite but I’m also pretty certain none of the Vancouver area stores are participating in this. Most of the US stores seem to be posting about it on their Facebook pages so it looks like it’s now open to anybody that wants to go. Originally people where getting emails about this event with invitations. I wish they’d just do an online preview. Since the NULUX Speed Wudner Tights didn’t upload again this week I suspect that Florence print is being saved as one of the ‘exciting new product drop’ items for these store events. I called around Canadian stores today and none have the Florence print in yet. 

The only thing in this upload that intrigues me are the *ponte Citytrek Pants and the Speed Crops. I’m going to save my money though. The Sattva Sweater felt nice on but I agree with those of you that commented on my Fit Review that it isn’t flattering and really not worth the money. 

Did you guys buy anything tonight? Anything you are crazy about? 

Sattva Sweater

Essential Rhythm Crop

High Times Pant Rhythm

City Trek Trouser Ponte

Wander Pant

Rite Times Dress

Cool Racerback II

Get Low Long Sleeve

City Bound Long Sleeve

Cruiser LS

Nonstop Jacket

Define Jacket

Tracker Short IV

Speed Crop

Wunder Under Pant High Rise

Sculpt Tank

Yogi Racerback III

Essential Rhythm Bra

Love Tee III

Define Jacket

Get Low Tank

    1. same here. It hasn't been showing up for me on time for a few weeks now… really frustrating… I know it has been for others since I always check Lulumum's blog… not sure what is going on for some of us…

  1. Kind of off topic, but regarding last week's upload… I ordered both the Midnight Bloom yoga bag and the backpack last Wednesday and just received my order and was surprised to only see the yoga mat bag – no backpack… 🙁 I immediately went and checked my account and it shows that the backpack was cancelled – weird, because I never cancelled on my end and didn't get any kind of notification that it had been cancelled on their end due to selling out or whatever reason… I just called and they checked and said it isn't available in the warehouse… weird again, because it is showing up as available online and is letting me add it to my bag… I mentioned this but was told that sometimes that happens even if an item isn't available… I don't know what is going on, but it is super frustrating. I really wanted the backpack but not sure if I want to go ahead and try to order it again or not… really disappointed and also annoyed by this.

    1. I've been having some tech issues too with their app. Every time I order on the app it places a hold on my card and won't process the order so I have to use the mobile site or the computer. It it so odd.

    2. anon 3:48 PM here again. I have to admit, maybe it's a good thing the backpack was cancelled… after checking out the print more closely and in different lighting it isn't quite as beautiful and vibrant as I thought it would be… it's ok, but like a previous commenter mentioned (janine, if I remember correctly) it is more dark and murky in person, and I totally agree with that. After all that and feeling disappointed, now thinking about returning the yoga mat bag… I don't really *need* them anyway (have a black yoga bag and the pretty lace black white backpack from summer anyway) and like others I too am being very selective with my lulu purchases these days.

      anon 3:53 PM, that sounds really frustrating too! I wasn't using app, just using my laptop at home. Hopefully they'll get all these issues sorted out, but not going to hold my breath…

    3. Thanks so much for offering, but I'm going to have to pass! I may end up returning my yoga bag, not sure yet if I'm going to keep it now.

  2. Who knows, maybe it is the company playing mind games with us. How hard can it be to get their act together and have the upload ready to go at the expected time?

  3. Really not loving how they're mixing in "new" things from weeks past with the actual new things.

    The Rhythm stuff is pretty cheesy with all that criss-crossed material on top of the mesh. And they left the mesh on the Speed tights and crops – why?

  4. Arghh no florence tight…boo. I will wait to see deep fushia crb in store…no urgency to order. Might have considered essential rythym crop in emperor blue but not at 108….lol. may reconsider ftbt bra in midnight bloom print from last week depending on speed shorts when they arrive tomorrow. I heard colours are dull and don't pop like on computer. I agree…gotta love it before I buy these days…very picky. Even wmtm is offensive with $9 price reductions…lol. how long g does stock have to remain before they realize they need to make deeper cuts. Holding all that iventory must hurt the balance sheet and therefore shareholders….hmmmn will they be stubborn for too much longer?

    1. I know I'm annoyed but the Florence tight too. There was a rumour that it was in some stores in Canada but I called around today and nobody got them. I was told they should upload tonight but it's probably next week.

  5. I do not see Florence! Something is wrong: either I am bored with most of their items or LLL was just such a turn off that it's hard to find anything really worth purchasing. I saw that they loaded a new swiftly l/s in bali breeze — I am on the US side — I wonder if they corrected their problems with the snagging — their was a lot of reviews saying that they have old swiftlys and none of them snagged like the recent ones. I hesitate to get the new bali breeze — they removed the heathered bali breeze one.

  6. I noticed the same thing Anon 4:02, mixing new things with previous uploads. Honestly, when I saw the items uploaded, it all looks like a sea of BOXY black, grey, and white and criss cross mesh. All the recent uploads looked blurred together now. I was googling old items looking for fit reviews, and I ran across a post from Lulu Addict from 2010 and everything was bright and cheerful. Such a stark contrast to now.

  7. Our Summer is being bookended by tent shaped rulu tops. The City Bound l/s is very similar to rulu tops we had this Spring that ended up on WMTM. The designers sure have been stuck on loose, baggy, boxy which may be cheaper to make since there are no details but boy it sucks that they are making rulu tops like this. Also the Belle Jacket just ended up on WMTM and here we are with another swift unlined jacket with no detail whatsoever at a time when we should be getting warmer jackets or at least lined ones, this makes no sense.

    I don't know if I am alone in this but I am finding product descriptions lacking detail mostly when it comes to the fabric and inseams. It would be nice to see the fabric content on all products. I looked for the Wander Pant fabric but didn't see it, did I miss it?

  8. So underwhelming!!! It's sad when I'm not even tempted with anything!
    Usually, when they used to come out with new dresses I would get so excited but this one doesn't do it for me, just like the rest of the upload!
    I'm so tired of them mixing new things with old stuff with the upload! We're not stupid, we notice!!!!
    I don't know what's going on with LLL but I can't imagine that they're making profits! The designs are boring, the colors are always the same (black, grey, white and bordeau drama), and with that they increased the prices, so it's even less tempting for me to buy anything!! Why don't they get it!!!???

    1. @anon 5:27 and 5:10 I looked for fabric on the wander pants and city trek point pants and couldn't find it either. That is something I have noticed with the new web design, a complete lack of description for fabric and product features. Maybe they cut that job out of the roster too in order to decrease overhead. After all, with the prices compared to product and the laughable WMTM discounts, it is clear they are desperate to increase overall profitability….

    2. i bought the wander pant and can't really compare it to any other lulu fabric. it's definitely thicker than most lulu, but still smooth and flat. i will post the exact material content when i get back to my car.

  9. I was so bummed to see that rulu City Bound Long Sleeve because now it makes me convinced that the US won't be seeing the Tuck & Flow LS that Australia got earlier this summer. This new City Bound LS is so shapeless with baggy dropped shoulders and wide body… Ugh.

  10. I picked up the City Bound LS in the store tonight at the VIP event. I love it. It's Rulu light but has a different feel to it. Super soft and cozy. I got it in black but almost grabbed it in Bordeaux drama too. I also picked up the Nulux Speed Wunders form the previous week. I didn't care for them in pictures, but loved them after trying them on. I love they they are longer than the first run of the style. I got to try on the new striped Love Tee IIIs as well and they are super flattering. I passed because they are too low cut for me.

    1. I'd say "yes" based on the sheer fact that you got an invite and so many of us don't even live somewhere where it's offered. Plus, maybe you'll get free food? With the markups they've been doing take whatever you can get 😉
      ~ A

  11. OT: I just got my order from the last week, Down To It Vest. So disappointed . It's too long ( I'm 5"4), and completely shapeless. I ordered my tts. I love the fabric and the color, but it'll have to go back. So bummed

    1. I had a feeling it would be a shapeless sack, like a lot of the new stuff lately has been 🙁 I haven't purchased any new rulu tops or any new jackets because everything is so boxy and shapeless now… the reason I got into Lululemon was for the flattering feminine fits that I couldn't find from other brands like Nike, etc… the shapeless fits along with the plain generic designs is a real turn off and nothing to justify these kinds of prices or distinguish Lulu from the rest.

  12. I had a terrible experience with the speed crops for anyone on the fence on buying them. I tried them on in store last week and loved them- but after wearing them for one workout I totally changed my mind. The pockets stretch out so badly, even if you don't put anything in them (Maybe because they are lined with mesh on the inside? None of my other crops with pockets have that). So no more than 10 minutes into my workout, I had flappy-looking cargo pockets sitting on my hips which made me look much wider in a place no one wants to look wide. The pants also stretched out horribly, which never happens with my other luxtreme crops.

    I contacted GEC (even though I'm the kind of person who never returns anything) and they are giving me my money back on a gift card. I'm happy Lulu is standing by their product but I'm still appalled at the poor quality of these crops compared to my 20+ other pairs of Lulu pants.

    I've stood by Lulu through all this changes and problems they have been going through… but I have to admit, I'm pretty much done with this company until they turn things around.

    1. They're ruining all the pants and crops with mesh 🙁 There aren't many choices now that aren't loaded with it. Really really hate it.

  13. Few thoughts:
    – boring! no accessories?!?!
    – do they still claim to source their down ethically? I feel like they made a point of clearly stating this in the past. Also, I wish they would offer some synthetic down products to test the market. As a vegan I won't purchase down products. I live in Alberta and my duvet is not down (hypo-allergenic is how it's advertised) and it is so warm!! No need to hurt animals in the making of their products since they already don't use leather, etc.
    – annoying that the US is doing sneak-peeks and not Canada WHERE THEY STARTED!! Sheesh, us Canadians made them the brand they could market to the world.
    ~ A

  14. WAHHHHH. What happened to my Lululemon!? Their new product continues to be a huge disappointment for me. Shapeless, baggy, more focus on streetwear/athleisure, none of the beautiful designs that used to define the company.
    OT- I shopped at Tory Birch Sport the other day, and wow! Talk about some fun workout wear! Now, I'm not saying it's top function for sweaty workouts, but if you're looking for some running tanks or kick-about pants, check it out. Very fresh looking!

    1. I went to Ivivva the other day and it was like a time warp. It's everything Lululemon used to be. I don't know how they were able to continue making colorful, feminine styles when the main line looks like dudes at a funeral, but they were. I'm wondering if I lose 10 lbs, can I squeeze into a 14? It might be worth it.

  15. Am I losing my mind or did the Free to be Wild bra vanish from the website on the U.S. side? I see two colors listed on WMTM but nothing under the "bras" section. WTH?

    1. They just uploaded new colours of the FTBW bra last week and this but I haven't seen anything but black and white in stores for months. I'm stocking up on them while I can because it sounds like they're going to "only online…aka…"discontinued"

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