1. Nope, nothing. I like the Hounds Camo Wunder Under Crops but I recently bought them in the Jacquard Maze pattern, so I'm good.

  2. I just noticed on Lulu's Facebook page that they answered someone's feedback about the crbII saying that the original crb is "going into retirement"… I thought it was going to be online only?! Now it's totally gone? LLM, do you have any info on this?

    1. I've come to understand that to Lulu "online only" means soon to be discontinued. That's exactly what happened with Scuba II last year. 🙁

    2. so sad!! I agree, all online only items have been discontinued by lulu. so I guess the original CRB is going too. (quietly wiping)

    3. 8:53 again. Why can't they just be honest with us about what's happening with product? Of course there will be backlash, but why are they subjecting themselves to it twice? Once when it's "online only" and again when we see what that really means. The original crb is really the only top I wear for working out. I've never tried the crbII because I hate the back and I won't pay the higher price for a poorly made product. I should probably mention that I'm short and have a short torso and I never once had a crb hemmed and I have no interest in the crb being shorter.

  3. I'm interested in Shibori print, but not in Luon. I would prefer full on Luxtreme. I don't usually get tired of camo, tie dyes and subtle stripes like cyber stripe. K deer is definitely not my thing

    1. I'm opposite, I prefer Luon. Really don't like how Luxtreme is slippery (my biggest peeve), not a fan of the shine either, plus I find I tend to get more sheerness issues with Luxtreme bottoms (don't get that with Luon). I will wear Luxtreme bottoms for run, but I don't run much anyway, so not in need of as many bottoms in this fabric. Luon works out perfectly for me for yoga (which I practice daily) and other activities I do. So yeah, I'm opposite, and prefer to see more bottoms available in Luon than Luxtreme, haha.

  4. Does anyone remember those books "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark"? There were a couple volumes. I cannot look at those Shibori print Wunder Unders without thinking of Stephen Gammel's illustrations from those books. The print looks just like his interpretation of spattered blood and hair. Look it up-you'll never be able to unsee it!

    1. Probably for the best 😉 His illustrations are pretty scary. I was always surprised that they were in books meant for children!

  5. I am in the Luxtreme camp. I am a runner and I find Luon chafes. I wish they would come out with a power Luxtreme tank with great support for larger chests.

  6. I don't know why Rush Hour 1/2 zip is on "what's new" as it was new last week. I will definitely check out the Ready to Rulu Pant if it comes to Canada but so far I have not been liking the rulu items. The Pleat to Street Bomber with the open pleat at the back is ugly. I like the Shibori print but will it be sheer?

    Of course the CRB will disappear just like all the other classics. It's just so clear that this management team does not understand or respect LLL loyal clientele. Instead of axing all the classics they should have s special section in each store and a separate tab online for CLASSICS. That's the least this company can do to show some love and respect for loyal lulu lovers. They can't tell us there is no room for classics or they don't have the sales when a high percentage of new weekly product are failures and end up on WMTM. There is no reason LLL to not keep the classics other than to piss us off.

    1. they are just trying to get rid of anything that reminds them of Chip era. At this point it makes you wonder why is this new guy so obsessed to erase everything Chip did. Because let's face it, it cannot be a coincidence anymore that this is happening. It is obvious to me that they do this intentionally. Personal vendetta….

  7. Just got the kdeer stripe pant…love them and not sheer at all ..my store didn't get florence pant so I went and picked up kdeer. …lol…in canada we don't get many yoga shops with them…so I nabbed them…$110 was not far off from lulu and cheaper than ordering on line

    1. It's funny how you said you were looking for Florence pants , but ended up getting k-deer! I think they are completely different

    2. I didn't see her mention anything about being similar… I think she only meant that she was tired of waiting on the Florence ones so went ahead and got something else instead…

      The K-deer crops look really nice from what I've seen in online photos! Would really love to try one of the stripe versions but not unless I could get them somewhere in Canada and try on first… not interested in trying something I'm not familiar with that ends up costing a fortune to ship here and customs/duty and taxes and exchange rate and all that horrible stuff (Canadians always get the short end of the stick).

    3. sorry if that sounded rude anon 12:17 (from anon 12:54) It wasn't meant to. …just me talking too much… but agree they are totally different! 🙂

    4. Lol..it takes a lot more than that to upset me…all good…yes completely different prints. I got them in yoga shops in waterloo…took last pair they had in stripes but left name for their next order so I can get different ones. Paid $110 plus tax….I would have paid about $160 with duties exchange rate etc. ..if you go on kdeer site you can search for retailers in your area that have them…which will be yoga shops. Good luck…i have florence shorts and bra but waiting for pants. Dissapointing because there was such a build up to the big release this week. .and nothing …lol

  8. Shibori speaks to me! I can't wait to see them IRL. I have a feeling they'll be an instant buy for me. I had the old print that looked kind of like that but I wore them so much they finally gave out.

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