This is the big Fall 2016 product drop we’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately no Florence Print Speed Wunder Tights, but there where other NULU pants in.  FYI, in the photos below I am wearing my Zella leggings.

Rush Hour Jacket tts 10

I really liked this jacket and loved it in this color. Comes in black and white in store, and online I’ve seen it in Sapphire Blue. I found the front seam details really flattering and slimming and the inside was really soft and cozy. I didn’t love the $158 price tag. Was last years glyde/rulu jacket this expensive? I’m considering this one but may have to wait until markdown. I loved it but can’t really justify it. Underneath is the new Military Green Cool Racerback II. I would have jumped on it in the regular CRB version. 

Zella leggings in this photo. 

Like Nothing 7/8 Tight Military Green Cool Racerback II

As I mentioned above, I loved the color but don’t like the CRB II as much as the regular CRB. The CRB II’s aren’t selling out very well even in hot colors so I can sit and wait on this one. 

The Like Nothing 7/8 Tight are really very nice and made of this new NULUX material so I picked them up to try. I’ve been waiting for the Florence Print which seems to be extremely delayed, but to be honest, black tights are much more versatile for me. This pant is very flattering but it’s not without it’s quirks. The hem at the bottom is raw and unfinished which worries me. I’ve included a close up of the raw edge with the vertical flat lock seam running through it because I worry that this seam will fray and cause the hem to split open. The raw edge does provide a much more streamlined look at the ankle but I don’t think I want to sacrifice seam stability to get that. 

I really love the side 3/4 view seam details which I found very slimming and flattering. The waist is really high which creates the illusion of longer legs, but at the same time it sort of cuts into your high waist a bit. I found these tights reasonably opaque, although in a deep squat in certain lighting you can just see the rip tag. Overall I found these really flattering, with the bonus of a new material to try out, so I forked over the absurd $143.36 in the name of blogger duty so that I can give these a proper workout review. NULUX feels really nice and airy on and I love a streamlined black tight for workouts that don’t have overdone mesh detailing so I think I can justify that this purchase will get tones of use. 

The ankle hem detail. Raw edge. 

Really high waist, above the belly button. 

Here I’m showing you where the waist of the pants are in relation to my belly button. 

raw edged laser cut inner pocket. 

Military Green Swiftly Tech LS

I don’t buy swiftlies (I have two that I never wear) so I mistakenly grabbed this in my TTS 10 forgetting that I prefer to size up in these. The color is gorgeous and very tempting but I just won’t wear this often enough. Swiftlies are too warm and too delicate for me. 

All Day Vest TTS 10

This vest was hideous on me and very masculine on my short curvy frame but if you are tall and willowy this will look very chic and urban. I didn’t actually hate this but it was just really unflattering on me and I didn’t love that the only closure for this is snap buttons. There is also no hood on this and  the collar sits a bit weird. This is something to pick up on markdown if you like the looks of it, because it’s not going to have universal appeal. 

Ready To RULU Pant TTS 10

These are not as great as the original Base Runner Pant. They are RULU and soft and slouchy but the Base Runner Pant is a much more flattering cut. These fit a lot looser in the leg as well and the cuff at the ankle pools and droops a bit. If you are long legged this will be fine, but for those of us that are short, the Base Runner is a better option. 

Yikes! long mom butt in these. 

Left pocket is a regular pocket. 

Right pocket is a zipper pocket. At first I thought it was a false pocket but it actually has a zipper closure.;en-US;women;collections;whats-new

Store photos with Thanks to Ms. K

 Like Nothing Tight, Ready To RULU Pant, Rush Hour Jacket, Army Green Cool Racerback II, Army Green Swiftly Tech LS

    1. Agree, the greens – both the CRB2 and the long sleeved swiftly – are great on you Lulumum. As you said, too bad it's not the old CRB.

  1. The jacket and swiftly look fantastic on you. I'm also trying to figure out the pattern on the swiftly. Camo, I'm in, flowers I'm out.

  2. I'm not sure I'm sold on a long vest, but I know a down vest without a zipper is a terrible idea. These people are killing me…

  3. What a great fit review and lots of good pics, thanks.

    The Rush Hour Jacket looks great on you and I love the colour, it pairs really well with the Military Green. Does the Rush Hour Jacket fit the same as the Kanto Katch Me Jacket? I am glad to hear you like the stitching in front. On the UK site I was able to compare the stitching of both the Rush Hour and Kanto Jackets and the Kanto has a more finished look without exposed seams. The Kanto Katch Me Jacket was $148.

    You should rethink the l/s Swiftly because it looks so good on you. I don't have a lot of l/s Swiftlies and wear them mainly as a layer that covers my bum under a sweater or jacket. This print reminds me of my first l/s Swiftly I bought a long time ago in Zinfandel and the print was tone on tone flowers. I still have it and it is my favourite so I am excited to try this green one on. Were there any other colours in this print?

    The Like Nothing Tights look good but I would be concerned about the raw edge as well. I am not a fan of the long vest nor the price of it. With taxes you are looking at $200. for a vest so I would rather spend that money on a good winter jacket or boots. The Rush Hour 1/2 is pricey as well which is going to make me a very picky shopper as to what I choose to spend my money on.

    1. I was going to ask you this. Kanto is one of my fave purchases ever and I was thinking in the pics the Rush Hour looks possibly shorter…

  4. Interesting the 7/8 crops dont have a drawstring! I wonder if they'd stay up during a run!! esp that type of fabric, looks like it'd just slip off! the green swif is gorge!!! like you though, I dont find myself gravitating towards them (I'm not 100% comfortable in them, they sit funny and gappy around the mid section) but that color! swooning for sure 🙂 as a complete size, YOU LOOK AMAZING in all these shots!! the gear is really all very flattering on you! 🙂

  5. …didn't they just have a Fatigue Green original CRB not too long ago… it looks very similar in colour to this new one from what I can tell from the photos…

  6. Yep- the ls swiftly and the rush hour jacket are very flattering on you! You definitely should reconsider the swiftly – the color and well placed print look great on you.

  7. I agree that the long sleeve Swiftly looks great and flattering on Lulumum. …but what good is a shirt that you're not going to wear… especially at this price… I'm pretty sure she mentioned that she never wears the two she has… perhaps she will change her mind and wear this one though – it does look really great on her. But, everything looks great on her usually anyway! 🙂

  8. I'm a huge fan of layering tanks under half-zip pullovers when I run, so I'm always on the lookout for a good one, but $118?! That is completely ridiculous.

  9. Thanks for the update, Lulumum…you are the best at keeping me up to speed. 🙂 The swiftly looked fantastic on you!!! Can you reply and let me know if it felt soft or scratchy??? I know you mentioned you have two of them that you do not wear but I would like to know if Lululemon changed back to the original fabric — the more recent ones have been scratchy in my opinion. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Does anyone else think the crb ll looks like thong underwear from behind?? Not a fan of the new cut.

    Agree with everyone else. The green looks great on you….buy it…

  11. Hi lulumum, first post in a very long time 🙂 I am ordering from England (posted overseas) so I'm hoping you or someone here can tell me how the long down vest fits? In the past, I always had to size down with vests but this one is labeled as "slim fit" so I'm wondering if I should order my usual size 6? I cannot return it so any insight appreciated 😀

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