1. Disclaimer: I am one of the very few people that actually like the mesh. But holly mother, those Sculpt It Tights are just painfully hideous with all that…. I cannot even call it mesh. It is plain pantyhose. I am sorry but you cannot convince me otherwise.

    1. @10:04 a.m. You completely and totally echoed my feelings on the Sculpt it Tights. I, too, appreciate mesh. I actually like mesh. But the Sculpt It Tights are FUGLY pantyhose. They are giving a bad name to mesh. They are not even mesh.

  2. I hate it all except for the Yin Time LS. But I'm not getting that any time soon. Hoping it'll eventually reach MD. I'm really over the mesh, if you can even call it that. Looks more like pantyhose material.

  3. I really liked the front of the Sculpt Tights…then I saw the back. Terrible. I like mesh here and there, but that's plain ridiculous.

  4. The back of the Sculpt It Tights look like a huge run in the mesh but it's the seam. The back looks like biker shorts worn over sheer pantyhose.

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