1. Are the top pictures showing a new dark purple
    Align crop or is it just a reflection of the new Greyvy? To me they look similar to bruised berry. If so I'll be definitely picking those up!

  2. I wear the FTBW bra with a CRB, it looks nice as you just see the angled straps. As featured above with the "CRB" ii (which I will never buy), the look is lame. It shows you just how paltry and ill designed the new back is. I've seen and examined the tank in store and it is frumpy. And the seaming at the racerback is really, really bad (as LLM has shown us here in another post).

    1. Completely agree with this. The original CRB shows just enough straps that it actually looks nice. It also works well if you want to cover up your bra completely. A win win situation. Now it is no longer a win win situation. Also, imo, it shows too much bra and it ruins the look, now it just looks ridiculous. It is overdone. Personally, I don't like the slimmer and lower cut back, the "v" cutout on the back neckline, or the shorter and wider fit. It is no longer a CRB, it should be named something completely different. From what I've seen it is almost a whole size wider than the original. Why would they do this?! Shouldn't they have kept it true to size in that regard? I do however like the idea of a slightly higher cut front neckline and think this idea would have worked well as a small alteration to the original CRB design. With all the crappy designs we've seen with this company, I don't see why they couldn't have made room to keep the original CRB and then also introduce this new version along with it for those who may prefer it. Anyway, just my two cents of course, for what they're worth.

  3. I personally think the back of the original CRB has a more feminine look which could be due to it having curves vs. a more angular cut.

    I don't think it is right to call this new version a CRB when you totally change the look of the back. Why didn't they improve upon the original with a slightly higher neckline and improving fabric blend which is what a classic deserves right? I look at the back of the new version and I don't see a CRB.

  4. The new Crb looks awesome. I will be picking it up in many colours. I already bought it in white. Perfect staple imo

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