1. So apparently LLL is now upping the "original" price of items on WMTM to make it look like the discounts are deeper? What a farce. This company is rotten to the core.

    1. At my local store they were marking up then marking down items to create the illusion of a great deal. Speed shorts were marked up to $58, then marked down to $42. Compared to the old price, it's only $10 discount that makes it a final sale.

    2. I believe there are laws against this practice. I remember a few year ago a couple Canadian retailers got into trouble for doing this and they had to pay some pretty hefty fines (Le Chateau and Suzy Shier are a couple names that pop into my mind).

    3. I was at the outlet yesterday and I purchased a LS Swiftly. Normally, I would have passed it by for $44, but I told the cashier I felt like I had to buy it with the price hikes. She gave me a tense smile and said they had to "resticker" all the items with the new price (the place is jammed full of unwanted items, it probably took a long time). I looked at my Swiftly when I left the store and sure enough, there was a $78 sticker over the top of the old price. It does make it seem like a much deeper discount for someone who isn't a regular.

    1. Does anyone else think some of these super enthusiastic comments we've been seeing on the blogs may be coming from some of the educators or customers with shares in the company? (no need to answer, just making a statement) I mean, I'm sure there are some customers who genuinely like the new CRB II, and that is absolutely ok with me, but some of these comments just seem too enthusiastic and almost seem strange popping up here and there.

  2. Now that prices in Canada have gone up I would expect our WMTM should have the same amount of product on WMTM as the US gets, right? All year the US has had up to 50 more pieces in their WMTM than Canada and I thought it was because of the difference in currency but now that shouldn't be an issue since our prices have gone up right? I just found on the Canadian Site this a.m. under l/s tops, the Make A Move Pullover at full price of $98. that has not been in Canada since last winter. It's been in the US on WMTM for awhile now and is marked down to $64. So we Canadians get it back in Canada with no discount whatsoever? This is so not fair. They can't even sell this top in the US at this huge markdown so they bring it back to Canada at full price! This is total BS.

    1. I am always annoyed when I see how big selection they have on the US wmtm. but as a Canadian I guess we have to learn to live with this. almost all retailers are doing this. ya, ya, lulu is Canadian. I don't think they give a crap about it though. it's all about profit.

    2. Dash to class LS has been on Canadian WMTM for a while and just got uploaded on the US side ladtvtuesfay at full price of course. So it happens on both sides sadly

  3. I received my Heathered Blue Sapphire s/s Swiftly today and first let me say that I too did not receive a bag with this online order. Finally this company has listened to us. No they have not returned any iconic classics we have asked for but dare I hope this is a sign that our pleas are being heard or is it just another money saving decision on their part?

    Now for the Swiftly I received. I measured it against my most recent Swiftly bought one month ago on WMTM and it is definitely shorter by two inches. As for the fabric is looks and feels exactly the same as my other ones. I mostly compared it to my other black heathered ones and I see no difference in colouring or texture. So is a $10. increase justified, I don't think so. Their response to this would be that it was undervalued for the value it brings to market! I wear Swiftlies everyday and found the old price of $60. a reasonable but not low price. Instead of raising it by $5.00 (a fair price increase) they chose to go up $10. which IMO pushed it to it's highest price point they could which has pushed me to rethink the amount of these shirts I will buy in the future and the answer is no, I definitely won't buy as many as I used to. Had the increase been $5.00 it probably wouldn't have changed my buying habits for this top.

    1. it is just another money saving decision for sure. no bags, higher prices, crappier products. win for them.
      I totally agree with the $5 swiftly increase. that would have bothered me, but most likely I would have continued to buy them. with the $10 increase, no thank you. it's a slap on the face.

    2. My order from Tuesday takes forever to get. Has anybody received Dash to class LS or Pace rivals in true red? I'm curious if tops are soft and the red is a pretty color

    3. I always took back the unused bags I got with my online orders to the nearest LLL store. I would call omitting the bags a cost saving measure – notice there is no choice here for the customer. Whether you want a bag or not, you won't get one.

    4. I really hope they haven't gone and shortened all the Swiftly styles too. 🙁 perhaps it's just a one off oddball…

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