1. I would love to see more D/DD/E cups choices, especially in smaller bands sizes (32E TaTa Tamer is my only choice!).

  1. Is this a hint of what is to come with the muted colours? Do you have any idea if this is the new direction lululemon is going?

    1. There will be a tiny bit of pops of colors in releases (power purple) but the focus will be on neutrals and murky neutral colors.

    2. Thanks for all the tips, Lulumum. I really appreciate that you keep us posted on all the buzz. I was getting ready to do a closet purge, but stopped when I found out about the price increase, elimination of my favorite items and now lovely bright colors/prints. I know I would have majorly regretted it when I couldn't afford to buy or even find new replacements. Instead, I will cling to the collection I've built these last several years and hope they turn things around.

  2. I actually really like the Obscured Black Dusty Mauve print! Going to pass on these and wont be buying anywhere near as much as I used to from now on anyway.

  3. The roses are an old print or very similar to; so much for innovation. Muted palette – let me get this straight, trying to distance themselves from Chip Wilson but basically going to copy the muted palette of Kit & Ace? Too funny.

  4. That Sculpt It Crop Tank looks like some medical support garment you would be given to wear after you had some sort of breast surgery.

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