Very small upload this week. I figured we’d get a tiny upload since there was barely a product drop in stores yesterday and hardly any store photos to share all weekend. Maybe it’s inventory week for stores or something. Things should get exciting again once we get into the fall product drops (first week of August) and the seawheeze excitement. I always find the new fall season items the most exciting. It’s all up from here, folks!  Good thing we’ve had the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts to fill the void. If you are interested in trying out the Alo Yoga stuff from the Nordstrom Sale, I did a fit review [click here] on Saturday of Zella, Alo Yoga and a few other items. From this upload, I really like the Tofino Teal Sculpt Tank. That one is sure tempting. The print on the Wunder Under Pant III and the High Times is nice but I don’t like it for pants. I think I’d like this print in a love tee. 

Did you buy anything today? Any non Lululemon activewear finds to share? 

Wunder Under Pant III

High Times Pant

Beat The Heat Crop

Tofino Teal Sculpt Tank

Flip Your Dog LS II

Getaway Crew

Flow And Go Crop

Pace Rival Crops

Align Crop Deep Indigo

Goal Crusher Crop Heathered Black

Urbanite Backpack

Wunder Under Pant High Rise

  1. Why are all the tops so short? Ugh.

    New pant print is super cute but the butt will be crazy unflattering due to the asymmetry, and the reviews are so bad on both the HTs and the WUP that I just can't be bothered to purchase.

    1. I had a feeling that was going to happen when I went to do my product drop monday post and there was nothing new in store to share.

  2. Thanks for posting the new upload. At least I can see what I'm missing (nothing); only last week's upload comes up for me on the website. Are we back to the glitchy times of yore?

    1. lol! True. At least we can still keep meeting up here on Tuesdays and either feel collective hype or collective disappointment.

  3. Love it….saving money…the ht is intriguing but it reminds me of a nike print….yeah save money for Olympic wear…plus I bought a few crbs on wmtm…so it's all good….thx for all you do…love checking for updates

    1. Lol just ordered the high times to check out print in person….it says metallic so wondering if it is more silvery colour….it can always go back lol though I don't think k it will sell out like the tribe wups

  4. I just can't with that new print. It looks like a volleyball/water polo ball. It seems to be another love it or hate it print.

    1. I don't like the new print either, but to each their own, as I'm sure there are tons of things I like that others wouldn't like 🙂

      Definitely a tiny upload. I don't like any of the new things except for the pretty light purple backpack, but I don't need a backpack, so nothing for me from Lulu this week! I've been browsing Etsy a lot lately and have found a bunch of irresistible things there that I have my eyes on. My most wanted at the moment is a super cute Wonder Woman bag and matching wallet <3 and a Doctor Who infinity scarf (not sure which exact one yet, there are a few really nice tardis printed ones!).

  5. I am loving the new Align Crop colour, Deep Indigo, I would love some Fall items in that colour, jackets, rulu tops, swiftlies, pants etc… I like the WUP print and colour combo of dark grey/silver but I could never wear pants in that print. I was not impressed with the clothing this summer, poor selection of Run Times, no jackets, too much mesh and holes and slits in almost everything. The Getaway Crew is another example of l/s top with openings in the back, I thought we were done with the Getaway Line? One of the few hits this spring/summer seemed to be the black swiftlies, I got the s/s crew but would loved a scoop neck but Canada didn't get those.

    1. I was hoping for the Black Swiftly Short Sleeve Scoop as well (and the Neon Pink one too!), but like last year, Canada seems to be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the Swiftly Short Sleeve Scoops.

  6. …uhm …I thought they were done with the kinds of photos like what is shown above for the Pace Rival Crops…

  7. Anyone have any insight on how the Pavement Pusher Bra is? I need a new one and love the clear mint color! Currently I have the Stap It Like It's Hot (which is my absolute favorite), Rack Pack (which can creep down a bit), and Run With The Sun(this one is a little low cut and the seam on the strap digs into my shoulder sometime but it has great support). I need a C/D cup which the Pavement Pusher bra was first labled as a C/D online, but they changed it to a B/C…�� I am usually a size 10, but in my SILIH Bra I am a 12. I really wish this bra wasn't online only for us in the U.S. �� I usually shop at my local store and would love to try it on first and not deal with having to return it if it doesn't work out.

  8. I bought the dusk dye white/black trackers in store today. Love the print! I'd have bought the speed track short in the same print but they are backed in white and will definitely fade when stretched.

  9. I picked up the Flip Your Dog in the store last week, but nothing today. I'm glad I didn't like anything with SeaWheeze coming up. Not to mention, it's crazy how much goes to WMTM everyday now! I'm so tempted to grab that Under Wraps pullover that I don't need :p

    1. Did you take your usual size or one down. I think i sized down on the first run of them. Did you notice a change? I never know what the update to the item is when they do a ii or a iii. Lol. Flip your dog is my second all time favorite. First being the old reversible cabin long sleeves

  10. I bought the rose bush urbanite backpack. Such a pretty color. Awesome, spacious bag as well. I can picture those selling out fast.

  11. I'm ready for some jeweled-tone, deep, rich beautiful fall colors. I miss the bruised berry, power purple, pigment blue types. Can't wait for fall!

  12. I guess the new norm for skirts is $68. The circuit breaker looks cute but no fun colors booo. I like the flip your dog but find the color selections boring does anyone know if the arms are still so tight?

  13. Lulumum, have you seen the post by Luluaddict about CRBs being discontinued? I was suspecting something with all the CRBs that were uploaded recently to WMTM. If this is true, this is really bad news for us die hard CRB fans!

    1. I'm just reading that now and I must say I'm really surprised. Lululemon did this the year before last with the introduction of the Studio Racerback and they had a lot of anger on Hey Lululemon and the new tank didn't sell as well as CRB's. They kept both for a short while but eventually the Studio Racerback disappeared and the CRB stayed. I wonder if now they feel they can get away with a more economical change to the design as the Hey Lululemon feature is now gone.

  14. Flip your dog ls in blue for me and the high rise WuC in space cocoa soot. I wear my flip your dog ls all the time and probably could use all new ones but had black and wee stripe grey from years back. Still miss the cabin ls…

  15. I just received from last weeks WMTM the Open Your Heart l/s and am so mad because I feel ripped off. I have a couple from 2 years ago that I just love but this one is so freaking thin and cheap. How can they do this to us and keep getting away with it. No exchange or returns on WMTM but how many times have we received product from WMTM that sizing is way out of whack, or so poorly constructed. I once received a swiftly with only half the print on the front vs the back! Had I tried on this Open Your Heart in store I never would have bought it even if it was 50% off.

    1. I bought it too and am also pretty disappointed. I don't own any previous versions, so can't compare but it's definitely thin for a $50 item. I expected buttery softness since it's Modal, but it's just a plain, boring overpriced pullover.

  16. FYI – my HT in the metallic print came. Lovely design and completely opaque. HOWEVER – so incredibly tight with virtually no stretch. I'm a size 6-8 in bottoms and went with an 8. I had to really shimmy to get into them. They look great on, but not very comfy and there's no way they'd be good for active wear with the lack of stretch. They'll be going back.

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