Following a report by Lululemon Addict , and discussion on Facebook, it seems Lululemon is replacing the current Cool Racerback design with a new Cool Racerback II which will be shorter, and narrower in the racerback. This really surprises me as Lululemon attempted this switcharoo a few years ago with the shorter ‘Studio Racerback’ which caused fervent anger over on their now defunct Hey Lululemon website (a feedback portal meant to keep passionate critique harnessed). I guess now that Hey Lululemon is gone, Lululemon HQ can now make these economical design changes again without having that same customer backlash and input. What surprises me is that the Studio Racerback was then made seasonal so that it could be fazed out and the Cool Racerback was brought back as if nothing happened. I don’t think that shorter design was appealing to CRB lovers and although there where many that loved the Studio Racerback, it didn’t have the same appeal as the more classic design. 

According to Facebook discussion which was confirmed with a store manager, the Cool Racerback will be available online only and the Cool Racerback II will be in stores and online. 

What do you guys think of this? A welcomed refresh on the design or a sneaky economical design trim? I’m finding ‘online only’ items are becoming more and more the norm with Lululemon this past year. 


  1. I don't like this at all! I absolutely love CRB's for working out and casual wear. Too bad. I don't trust LLL to improve upon something as classic and perfect as this.

  2. I think this change is clearly motivated by economic gain. Lulu hems CRBs so even petites, such as myself, are fine with the current length. If Lulu were really trying to cater to a fervent desire (UNLIKELY) for shorter CRBs, why not simultaneously offer the old racing length? (Never overwhelmingly popular as far as I can recall, even though I bought a few.)

    Sadly, the new narrower racer will almost surely keep me from buying the CRB II. For me, the current cut is PERFECT and, like 8:49, I can't imagine the new iteration functioning as well for casual wear or a layer for work, let alone the gym.

    I believe Lulu may even try to reintroduce the old CRB at a higher price later — so sad that Lulu ALWAYS seems to often put $$ before customer satisfaction/quality these days.

  3. I love the crb but have only purchased a couple in the last few years they are sooooo long I am in favor of s little bit shorter design or the could make a regular and tall option..have that available online only and stock one of them in the store. I ordered the wee space cool cocoa. Those run a little looser that the pique fabric right? I wear different sizes in both and I can't rememember. They are almost out of stock online..I hate ordering two and having to return one. Can anyone advise?? Thanks

  4. Every year since new management took over classics have been taken away or the design changed and not for the better. I stated it on LLA and will state it here, it's like they want to obliterate everything that was before them and put their stamp on the classics that they haven't axed. They failed with the new versions of the Scuba and the Studio Crop ll fail miserably in comparison to the original Dance Studio Crop, infant, they don't deserve to even have that name. They new better than to discontinue the DSP but theyt had to change them somehow so hello slimmer leg. RIP to the 105F Singlet, Dance Studio Jacket & Crops, Pacesetter Skirt, help me out on anything else I am missing. Are there any core classics left they haven't axed or changed? About the only classic they haven't changed yet is the Swiftly, oh my what do they have in store for them, mesh inserts! I am all for change and for new things but I fail to see how taking away core classics is smart or how there is not room for them in their inventory. It seems to me that they are purposely ridding LLL of all classics that were designed under Chip Wilson's reign and they don't care what we longtime loyal customers think, it's a slap in the face and I am no longer loyal.

  5. I agree with everything anon 7:21 just stated. Of course, the new version of CRB will probably be about $10 more. All the classics were/are my staples. DSP's, DSP crops, scuba II, ( the newer version is a joke, in fact, I don't have a single newer version item in my closet of any of the classics) and LL owns my wardrobe. The crb is my staple product, never liked the studio. On a positive note I was thrilled to snag an aquamarine CRB on WMTM. Grrrrr LLL!!!!!!!

  6. I have a lot of CRBs, and I have a handful that are very long on me (but other than that, the cut is great). I don't mind a more narrow racerback and I'm only 5'2, so many a tad shorter is better for girls like me? 😀

  7. I will absolutely stop shopping at LLL if they discontinue the CRB. I must have over 40, and they are my go-to tank for everything, including casual wearing. A narrower racerback will make it harder to wear normal bras underneath. I don't know how it makes good business sense to eliminate such a key core item when so many other tried and true styles have gotten axed. I can count on one hand the number of times I've purchased LLL tanks of other styles. Getting rid of classic styles won't push me to buy the new ones rolled out in their place – I'll just take my money elsewhere, which I've already started doing. It's just so obvious the "improved" or replacement versions of items are garbage – just look at the reviews. The number of sub-3-3.5 star items on the site is just crazy.

    I also totally agree that they got rid of Hey LLL to be able to steamroll/ignore customer feedback.

    1. I hear you! So upset to hear that they will discontinue the CRB, which is my go to item from LLL. I love being able to wear a normal bra underneath, the length and neckline is PERFECT. I will most probably stop shopping at LLL since they have taken away the old Scuba and now the CRB. And let's just say I'm a pretty loyal customer…

  8. CRB can be improved by raising the rise in the front to provide more coverage, but wait that will cost them $.

  9. I won't buy the CRB if they raise the front. There are plenty of other options if you like tanks with more front coverage.

    1. Maybe they aren't selling because all the colours are far too similar. A lot of the colours they've had available look pretty much exactly the same (and this is coming from someone who will buy every shade of a particular colour but not if they are pretty much exactly the same!) or are repeat colours (I'm not complaining about repeat colours, as I missed out on a lot in the past and have been able to pick some up when brought back!).

    2. At least if the colours that are quite similar are spaced out more from each other as to when they're available, it wouldn't be so bad, but if you look on the site now, on Canadian WMTM there are around 4 pinky peachy colours that are all pretty similar and all available at same time.

  10. My FOMO just forced me to buy a pink CRB on WMTM. Wish they would make a nice solid deep cobalt blue (e.g., pigment blue) before the final demise… SUch a bummer.

  11. Well I'm short but I think the longer length on the crb helps keep it down better when running and when layering you have a cute pop of color at the bottom.

    1. I agree janine57. I'm on the short side at 5'2" (with a shorter upper body/longer legs) but love the length and it's great for layering. I think it's perfect the way it is.

  12. One of things I like best about the CRB is the length and I am 5'2"!!! I like the coverage when I am wearing my WUP & WUC. I like being able to have the bottom few inches showing underneath a top or jacket. What's next a shorter Swiftly? I like the length of Swiftlies for the same reason and would be mighty peeved if they ever changed those. With all the new tanks they are constantly coming out with that always end up on WMTM would it hurt them to not produce one new one and leave the CRB as is in their inventory? The same goes for the DSP, leave them alone and just bring out narrower pants in the swift fabric every now and then. As for the DSC well have they given us a better design, NO. Every last swift fabric crop they have brought out since the demise of the Dance Studio Crop has ended up on WMTM. How many times did you ever see the DSC on WMTM, NEVER, until they discontinued them. It's amazing how my love for this company has completely gone down the drain. They just don't care about "what we love" which makes me not care about Lululemon like I used to.

    1. I totally agree! I'm also 5'2" and love the CRB as it is! Swiftly tops in all styles are a favourite Lulu item for me and I too would be peeved if they ever change them! I like the length of the CRB (and Swiftly tops) as they are now, it's perfect. Also agree about Dance Studio Pants, really hate the new ones so much… same thing with the new Scuba III (hate it just as much as the new DSP III) I absolutely loved the Scuba II. As for crops and pants, all the mesh keeps me away from them these days and there isn't as much to choose from that don't have any mesh on them! Same thing with tops, all the tops are 'show off your bra' tops these days and I prefer to keep mine (and my cleavage) covered (I don't mind straps peeking out in a CRB though). There is getting to be less and less I can purchase from Lulu these days and I can see there being nothing left with the way things seem to be going.

    2. I agree, I haven't bought one tank at LLL this summer other than 2 CRB's. I prefer to keep my sports bras covered and that's pretty hard to do with their tanks and a lot of of their tops as well. I don't have many CRB's but I do like the long length and better coverage than most of the tanks. At least with a longer length there is the option to shorten but if the tank is too short there is nothing you can do about it other than not buy it.

  13. Unlike most people, I'm not a fervent fan of the CRB but I do own a few and love the long length. It stays put for layering and the front coverage is perfect, IMO. My favourite tank is actually the Modern Racerback; I find it way more flattering and prefer Vitasea/Pima Cotton to Luon. I wouldn't want the CRB to change, but I am hoping to see a return of alternative racerbacks (Modern, not Studio).

  14. Just looking at the photo above… wondering how much thinner the back will be… How they think the back is too wide is beyond me. I guess every single top and tank has to show off as much bra and skin as possible these days. So for those of us who don't like this (I for one!) or for those times those of you who do like to show it off don't want to, there will be no other choices.

    1. I agree, it's all about selling more sports bras. I wish there was a better balance of tank choices that shows the bra and don't show the bra. I won't be buying any more CRB's if these changes are made.

    2. I agree anon 5:13 PM. It would be great if there could be a better balance of tank choices. I wish there was a better balance of mesh bottoms and non mesh bottoms as well.

  15. Uhg I hope not. It's hard to find tanks long enough. If people don't like the length, it can be hemmed. But you can't add length lol. If this is true, I won't be buying anymore. Which sucks because it's my favorite.

    1. Agreed! That's the problem with shortening the length. It is so easy to get it hemmed if someone wants to have it shorter, but impossible to lengthen it for someone who prefers longer. Somehow I just don't believe they are choosing to do this because this is what the customer wants, they are choosing to do this because they are saving themselves money by removing some of the length and width of the back. Seems like everything they do is all about cutting as much costs as possible.

    2. …not to mention, removing more material from the back and perhaps even lowering the armpits area will show off more of your bra, therefore, you will need to spend more money to purchase more new bras to coordinate and look good with them.

  16. I will be at seawheeze and will be blogging about it but am undecided about running vs walking it. I've been very committed to Olympic lifting and I didn't want to sacrifice that for training time for runs since they would both be competing for my time. I feel like I could run 6-10 miles without training but I'm afraid of injuring myself so that I would have to take time off from lifting. My right knee has been a little bit fussy these past few weeks with heavier lifts.

    I'll definitely be blogging about it either way, and snapchatting/youtubing whatever I do end up doing.

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