1. Maybe I've been spoiled by some of the hired photographers as some stores share pix, but these photos hurt my eyes. Blurry. Bad lighting. Ouch. 8(

  2. FYI on the Var-city crops – mine from last year have a bunch of elastic pieces fraying where the material of the criss cross meets the mesh. I washed them carefully in a lingerie bag. I read reviews that others also had this problem too. I don't think they are well made which is too bad because they are great on.

    1. I also had the Var City Crop from last year– and LOVED them until the seams started to pull– I could have pulled the whole seam loose — I called GEC and they accepted the return and the educator said she had problmes with others as well — i hope the new ones are better quality

    2. Had the exact same issue with the 2 pairs of Var-City crops from last year… Returned both for something different and as cute as they are I will not be buying them this year 🙁

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