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Mail Day: Making Moves Long Sleeve Size And Color Comparison, Deep Zinfandel Cool Racerback

April 15, 2016

I’m slightly embarrassed that every personal photo I’ve uploaded on this blog over the past three weeks I’ve been wearing these same crops. They are the only denimy crops I own and I promise I’ve only been wearing them 3 out of 7 days a week. At this point, I had to address the crop situation to you. Expect to seem them in more try-ons until I find a new pair of crops I love as much which will probably be never. 

I had a really fun shopping date with a good friend of mine today and we went to Nordstrom’s for bra and undie shopping, as you do, and we totally bypassed the athletic department which is just crazy. This is why I didn’t get to even look at the Ivy Park stuff for the few of you that are interested. Next time though!  We both ordered the Making Moves Long Sleeve which awaited us for try ons when we both got home (respectively) this afternoon. She got her TTS in black (which I tried on the other day in my TTS) and I ordered the white in a size up and we exchanged text photos of them to each other. Her concern was because she is larger in the bust and very petite and slim that a top this cut would look like a tent – and I don’t think it did based on the photo thanks to the seaming detail, the neckline and the snugness over the bust and in the arms. We worried that the white would be too white and tenty and that I should probably exchange mine for black. When I tried it on though I actually really liked it a lot. I like that it hugs at the bust and then flares out a bit and in profile you don’t get too much of a triangle shape. For my shape, sizing up was definitely the right call, particularly in white.  For my friend, her TTS was loose in the bust. Many people are buying this top in a size up in store though to allow more room in the hip. The white is very thin and shear but it’s also extremely soft and really pretty on. I just feel very paranoid that I will get makeup on it or something that will be very obvious and won’t wash out. I also worry that with the white you have to be very choosy on what you layer under it since it is so sheer. That being said, my white striped Tuck & Flow gets thrown around at the gym and it’s absolutely fine. I’m definitely leaning towards keeping this one. 

Making Moves Long Sleeve

The white is a size up in a 12

Black Making Moves LS in my TTS

Deep Zinfandel Cool Racerback

Sorry about this terrible photo of the Deep Zinfandel CRB. I will try to get you a better lit photo tomorrow to show you how gorgeous the color is. My point of sharing it here is to let you know this is a surprisingly thick CRB. Probably the thickest I’ve felt in a very long time. The only one that comes close is my old Bali Breeze which was also an anomaly in how thick it was. This is an all Nylon CRB and none Polyester. I know it sold out online but if you see it in store or can call around to other stores for it and the color speaks to you this one is worth hunting down.

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6 responses to “Mail Day: Making Moves Long Sleeve Size And Color Comparison, Deep Zinfandel Cool Racerback”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really like this top on you and I would definitely keep it! I got the long sleeve in both colors. I really love them both. I tried my white one over a white CRB and it looks great. I am between a size 4 and 6 and chose the 6. I find it very slimming and I love the fit, neckline and all the details of the top. You are right. It is so soft. I actually really like the black one. I thought it I would be returning it but I don't think I can. This top is such nice fabric and can been worn with almost any bottom. So much nicer than just a plain tee.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I tried this on yesterday and loved it, but I am really concerned that the pleats will wash out. The GEC's didn't have any specific advice about care. What are your thoughts, Lulumum?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The front is adorable but the back is not my style, which makes me sad because it's a beautiful top! I just couldn't pull it off. It looks amazing on you, and makes me want to try it on anyhow! Both TTS and size up look great. I imagine wearing cute patterned tanks under it so they show through. You need the black one too because I'm impressed with how that one looks on you too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I purchase both colors in my tts 6 and ended up exchanging the black one for a size 8. I have curvy hips as well and the size up draped better. I also noticed that when you have it on, if you pull it down in the front (so the front neckline is lower than the back), the pleats hang correctly and don't get caught up on the booty. 🙂 I liked the white one but felt like the rulu didn't look as white as the pleated area so it looked a bit dingy.

  5. Jenny Lee says:

    The top looks great on you! I did order the white in my TTS size 4 and love it. I bought something similar (but more sweater except the pleating) from nordies. I love how fitted it is in the arms and chest area and then nicely flows out. It's a keeper!

  6. Colleen says:

    The Making Moves LS does not look good in the back with how it's buckling up and the pleats are not draping down and laying flat. Personally I don't like that at all because of that. What is the point of the pleating if it is going to bunch up like that? I saw a few ppl with it on this weekend and it was doing the same thing. Sorry just my opinion! I think that's one to save your money on!

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