My store had the Making Moves line in today (tank, shorts, crops) but I didn’t feel up to trying them on. I gravitated to the Long Sleeve though which sadly only comes in black and white. I also saw Real Quick Crops in Blurry Bell print and Kayak Blue and Blurry Bell High Times Pant. No Align Crops yet but they are possibly coming next Monday. 

Making Moves Long Sleeve – TTS 10

I really liked the Making Moves Long Sleeve as it is soft RULU with venting but I worry about the back pleats. The back pleats are made of what I think is Tencil, or it may be a stiff thin luxtreme. My worry is that the pleats will wash out and deform really quickly since they are just creased but not sewn in. You can see in the lower picture that as the pleats are disturbed a bit and buckle out, they lose their crispness. I’m going to think on this one a bit. I did really love the look of the top on and even from the plainer front but I would really hate this top of it lost it’s cutest detail. 

Real Quick Singlet – TTS 10

This singlet is super pretty in person. I just love it in this print. For some crazy reason I left it behind in store but I may go back and pick it up. It also came in Kayak Blue and Black but this print is stunning. 

Love Tee II – TTS 10

I think this is Deep Zinfandel and Lilac stripes. This is the softest Love Tee I’ve felt so far so I ended up bringing this one home. Do I need another love tee? no I don’t. But I really liked it in this color. I found the TTS 10 really loose fitting compared to my others, but the size 8 was snugger than the size 8 love tee I own. 

  1. I like the colors of the love tee too and don't blame you. That Rio nights is so beautiful, why didn't they make run times in it????????

  2. Oh Oh, Real Quick Crops in Kayak blue and Blurry Bell, I am going to have to check them out. I bought them in DZ and really love everything about them. I really like that Love Tee on you and the colours are great. I wish I could wear that top but the V neck is just too low on me so I sadly I can only look but not buy…

  3. Do you recall the price on the making moves LS? I'm surprised the pleats weren't made of the swift material like in all the pleat to street skirts. I have several and they all wash and dry very well.

  4. I bought the same Love tee today in store..I too ned another love tee like a hole in my head..LOL but this one is super soft and beautiful !
    Tried the blurry belle WUC Hi rise too but left them as I'd rather have a real quick tight in this print for working out! I got the speed tights in the rio nights and LOVE

  5. LLM, was the real quick singlet tight in the hips? Online reviews say they're tight. Not sure if I should order a size up. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes it was narrower fitting from top to bottom. Not quite an a-line which is the problem more than it being tight at the hips. You can see in the photo that it sort of hangs up a bit at my hips but it still fits over them.

    1. Thanks! They are OLD. They are J Brand Scout crops and I got them at Nordstrom Rack several years ago. I just love them though. I have a search on eBay for them to get a replacement but they never come up in my size.

  6. I have one Love tee in the Heathered Regal Plum that I love (goes great with Hero Blue bottoms) and couldn't resist buying the deep zin/lilac striped one in store today. My store also had a heathered aqua color (not sure of specific color name but code is HEQA) that I couldn't resist either. Those plus the Blurry Belle Hi-Rise WUC and the Hero Blue varsity top made for a pricey visit. But I love it all.

  7. I also have the pleat to street skirt and last years version of this long sleeve in the spacer fabric – i've been told when it comes to pleating, that the fabric is treated specially to not get rid of them when you wash. Mine are all perfect!

  8. I've been looking for cargo crops lately too and was going to ask the same questions. Check out AG, Jolie and vince. Similar styles. Such a cute pant lulumum. I think we may be dangerous together on a shopping trip. 🙂

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