Rack Pack Bra, Speed Shorts


Black Grape Cyber Stripe High Times Pant


5 Mile Long Sleeve, Make A Move Short


Make A Move Short


Speed Track Short, What The Sport Tee


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  1. The Black Grape Cyber Stripe High Times Pant are pretty!

    But to be honest, I walked into the store today, and left empty handed… As I have many times in the past. Recently, I've just been feeling disappointed with the styles and quality. Does anyone else feel this way? I have a gift card, but I just haven't felt like anything is worth it…

  2. The &go Endeavour dress on the HK site looks like it could be a great piece for spring. I like the grey that it was offered in. Hopefully we see it in Canada. I am still waiting to see the &go swing trench and the &go when you're cold wrap. Hopefully they are offered in a nice color other than black and grey. With spring on its way it seems a bit late for black thick wraps in dark colours.

  3. Those aren't Speeds up top. They're the Pretty Prism Run Times Shorts. I want both Pretty Prism and Rio Nights in Speeds! They better make them or there's no wallet opening for another [seems like] forever.

  4. I hear you! It just seems everytime they bring out a new version of something they cheap out on the details… rarely now does something say different and quality to me; at the same time the prices are soaring. I am still mourning the metal tips on pull strings! ruffles! scuba I/II extra details, curved seams (inspires)… i,e, all likely "hard/expensive to manufacture" details that made LLL stand out are disappearing.

  5. I agree with you all! Fun, extra details that scream LLL have been MIA for quite a while. 🙁 My one recent purchase that I am really excited about is the "Four The Helluvit" jacket. It reminds me of old-time LLL in quality and detail. It's too bad they released it at the end of Feb rather than last Nov or Dec when I could have got a lot of use out of it.

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