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My Boxing Day Finds

January 2, 2016

I did a little bit of Boxing Day shopping and thought I’d share my finds with you. I wasn’t really looking for anything specifically (other than sound cancelling headphones that I need but do not want to pay for) but I still managed to get items I really love. If you are a longtime reader you know that it is tradition for me to go boxing day shopping, usually with my sister, and make a big day of it but this year her family had the Norwalk Virus so she was most definitely out and I was on my own. 

Let me know what boxing day finds you guys made in the comments. I’d love to know what lululemon and none lululemon items you purchased after Christmas with markdowns, or just with Christmas money/gift cards. 

&Go Cityfarer Anorak

I tried this jacket on and did a fit review back in November and although I really loved the jacket then, you guys convinced me that the pricing was too steep. I returned it and sure enough I was rewarded for heeding your advice. They where finally marked down for boxing day. I had hoped that on Black Friday it would be marked down and that was sort of what I was looking for that day so I was disappointed and I considered just buying with the returns I did it but I was patient and waited.  It’s great finding an item you still like after a month of thinking about on markdown.

I notice that it was selling really steadily in stores since boxing day at the markdown price and it’s sold out in green on the Canadian side and selling out in black as well and people are starting to post ‘ISO’ for sizes/colors. This tells me that the design is quite liked but the pricing is definitely off on it, and even still a little steep at the markdown price of $149 (down from $228). I ended up getting a size 8 (down from the 10 I tried on) because that is what my store had available. I think the 10 fit really well and had plenty of layering room but it was also a tad boxy. I am happy enough with the 8 which fits well but perhaps has less layering room for a thick sweater.

Wilfred Sevres Blouse Aritzia, Wilfred Leopard Rectangle Scarf Aritzia

I usually really hate shopping at Aritzia because I find their customer service downright hostile most of the time. I like a lot of the designs but I just loath entering the store so I haven’t purchased anything from them in a few years. I had been gravitating to their velvet capsule with 1990’s nostalgia so when I saw a velvet shift dress I liked on sale right before Christmas I picked it up. I really liked it for more casual holiday family parties so I just couldn’t resist it.  It ended up getting marked down even further on boxing day (from $200 to $89) and with some arm twisting I miraculously managed to get a price adjustment onto a gift card. I then purchased the velvet Sevres Blouse ($62.50 down $125) from  and this beautiful leopard print scarf ($33.99 down from $68).

Voluspa Large Lidded Candle

I am a candle junkie. I am a voluspa candle junkie. I hate that I am because candles are pricey and they are quickly consumable. I find them so relaxing though and I light them when I am watching a favourite tv show in the evening or working on my blog at my desk.  I pick up the  mini voluspa tins when I see them on sale or when I travel to the US where they are cheaper (and when our exchange is better). My husband got me a gift box of 6 little voluspa candles at Chapters Indigo (this one here) and I fell in love with the chestnut scent. I looked online at Chapters Indigo and I saw that this scent was on for 50% off. I thought I was getting the smaller lidded glass candle that Chapters sells in store so I was very pleasantly surprised to open this box up and have a giant, massive three wick candle. This thing is huge and now sits in the middle of our kitchen table! I got it for $39 down from $78.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried the Capri Blue line of candles that Anthropologie carries — their Volcano scent is amazing!

    • Lulumum says:

      I have and I love them but they are a bit harder for me to find. The Voluspas are a bit more readily available and I like that there are tons of scent themes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job on the Aritzia price adjustments! I got runderful pants in-store for $44 (I can deal with the poor fit at that price), brushed speed tights in black grape – my new fav colour – the cinch LS tee, and a run hat all on MD. I was very happy finding MDs in my size, esp for the Cinch tee that I've been eyeing ever since it came out!

    • Anonymous says:

      @anon 3:30 Can you tell me which store you got the Runderful pants for $44? and in which colour? Thank you!! Jenn

    • Anonymous says:

      It was bordeaux drama (the burgundy) in Kelowna. I think I got lucky b/c it was the last in my size (10). I saw it for $49 in other sizes on the rack & I've heard it is $49 in many other other stores, just not online.

  3. I love seeing other peoples' Boxing Day hauls so I love this post!! This summer I had purchased a light lulu jacket and kind of wish I held out for this one, it's sooo cute! As for aritzia- I had a job interview there this fall and they briefed me on what the job is like. To keep your job you have to make a certain amount of sales per hour, and the top sales people in the store get more shifts and more discounts on products. This probably explains the hostility! I made a Boxing Day haul post but to sum it up I got a black scuba II and a fuel green daily practice jacket both on WMTM. I also finally got myself the diamond mosaics aritzia blanket scarf I've been eyeing up for some time now!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I got to finally try kit and ace…I tried my Lulu top sizes and man those tops are body skimming. I got a notice yesterday and saw they marked some things even lower. They are nice but I still prefer my lulu. I think lulu frames my crossfit shoulders better. I also feel lulu does the scoop neck better. The further mark downs got me to get two more tops so I'm gonna see how I like my size up (I just prefer looser tops). $18 and free fast shipping got me spending my money.

    • BK says:

      Anon @ 4:17PM, I've never tried on Kit and Ace clothes before, but I've been looking at their site for many months. How comparable are the tops and bottoms to Lulu sizing? Thank you!

    • BK says:

      do you know if the trousers are very slim fitting on the thigh?

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn't get any bottoms just tops. I got my usual 6 and the tops I got were body skimming…and they were definitely body skimming. Definitely didn't feel tight or restricting but showed my silhouette. I won't get my size up order till later next week. I want to know if anyone else has feed back on their bottoms as well. LLM, didn't u get a pair of their pants? Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      I bought a top and was quite underwhelmed. Seems more like casual wear than workout wear to me. Too thick.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is casual wear – dressier casual – and better quality. Certainly better than some LLL comparable items that pill or develop a pull in 2 seconds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got my size up and they give me the perfect amount of space to be forgiving to my mom bod…luv them!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I did well today with my G.C's from LLL. The store was packed today! I got a hustle your bustle in the thick Violet Diam Jac marked down for $69, a pair of Sherpa mittens for $29, the shine on CRB in Berry Rumble for $34. (I did not like this CRB at all as I hate mesh, and only tried it on as I caved and bought the pace tight with the berry rumble weave-LOVE those! and wanted it to match.) Very surprisingly, I loved it on me, while hating it online. I also snagged two scuba II hoodies, one in Angel Wing and one in Mini Coast Camo for $89. (I have a swiftly 1/2 zip in Menthol I snagged on MD a couple of years ago and it looks good underneath the Coast Camo hoodie) I prefer the Scuba II's over the III's and since they are all on Markdown I wanted to stock up in case we don't see them for awhile. I also grabbed a Wrap it up Sweater on MD for $89) I bought one black Friday on MD and I am surprised how much I wear it. They are much better made than the ones that came out the year before. No piling to date which include multiple wears and one washing. I then zipped into Roots and grabbed the Tremblant 1/2 zip sweater and matching mini skirt that looks cute over black leggings. (All on extreme markdown) I was surprised how much I bought this season at Roots, they had a good collection this year. Well, that's it for me I am all spent out. Though I am waiting for the rest of the Runderful pants to go on MD. I have the Bordeaux ones and they look great on me. No funny gatherings like many of the reviews so I will definitely pick up more on MD as I finally wore out my dogrunners.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, forgot to add that I so appreciate and enjoy your blog LLM, thanks so much for all the work you put into it!!!!!!!!!!! I know this was a disappointing year for us LLL shoppers with all of the many issues that have been already stated. However, looking back at what I got I did grab some really good pieces for me. (Especially my down for a run pullover in Black Swan, wear it all the time!)

  6. Sara says:

    We got a huge LLL Boxing day sale in Europe and I ordered a lot. We got the subzero cold as fluff parka marked down to 154 euros from 334. I needed a warm winter jacket so I decided to get it. I also got the toasty tech tights in bordeaux and the &go where to dress ls in heathered fuel green (they were both half price). In addittion to that I got a swiftly tank in cranberry,which is one of my favorite colors and some underwear. Can't wait for my order to get here!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got a scuba 2 for $89 in a gorgeous deep blue color, "HDMB" the tag says. I'm sure it's something heathered, and a rest less pullover for $64. I also went to the men's side and got a best coast hoodie for $79 and love the way it fits on me. I always have to look at the men's side because they often have better deals and some of the styles fit just fine.
    They also had &go everywhere pants marked down from $128 to $69. They felt kinda polyester-y, but since they were originally $128 I looked at them twice. They are pretty, but I can't find anything about them! They are like ghost pants. No reviews, barely any mentions except one blog, which was just pretty much a picture. I couldn't find a mention of them on LLA or LLM at all, which is where I expect to see it! Anyone have them or know anything about them? I can be talked into them for $69 if they are worth it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you checked Lulu and the Box? I swear I saw her post something about them praising how amazing they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      These are specifically &Go Everywhere Pants. That's what the tag says. I wonder if they changed the name of them? They have 2 zippered pockets in the front and none in the back. I'm sure the trouser material and fit is close, so I'll have to google that one!! Thanks guys!!

    • Lulumum says:

      Did I not do a review of them? I actually purchased those pants and really liked them but returned them due to the full price.

    • Anonymous says:

      So the OP here… I went back and they were still there! I ended up getting them. They are kinda like wunderunders, but much thicker. I love my WU's and these are kinda a winter weight WU. They are pretty, and the pockets don't bunch and show like I was afraid they would. They are a bit long, but I imagine that's on purpose because if you want the reflective stripe, you cuff up the bottom. Overall, a good buy and very comfortable. The sensation is "hugged" and they are kinda huggy. Just FYI if someone else sees them somewhere! Do it! Oh, and I bought in my same size as WU's.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I didn't buy much at all this year. I picked up a pullover from InkNBurn during their brief 25% off sale. I love that they are a small company who make their gear in small quantities, all made by a staff of around 20 people, and everything made on site in California. I also bought a pair of shoes by Orla Kiely for Clarks at Gravity Pope. Neither of these things were outrageously cheap, but they were at least a bit more affordable. I've been toying with the Hustle Your Bustle jacket from LLL though, but I haven't tried it on in store yet. Does anybody know if it fits like the define?

  9. sarah says:

    online only for me…I picked up a Runderful 1/2 zip. Just got it this week though and I'm not impressed. Not very flattering, rulu feels thin, I can see the waistband of my pants underneath it. Waiting on the Runderful pants to go on sale in US (hopefully).

    • Anonymous says:

      I picked up the Runderful 12 zip too and I love it! It's a nice thickness and hugged me in all the right places without showing lumps and bumps. Not see through and so soft. I wonder if the color has anything to do with it? I bought the Berry/Bordeaux color. That's all I ended up getting. US side wasn't really very good. None of the items I wanted that other countries got on MD are still full price.

  10. Lululover says:

    I snagged Fleece out jacket for $79 at my store ! It was the only one at that price. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it and I didn't want to ask about the discount! I ordered it initially at $198, but felt underwhelmed when I received it. But for $79 I could deal with the gold zipper that I disliked at $198 lol
    OT question: is there any angels from UK who could get me &go anywhere dress in Inkwell size 4 US? I would much appreciate that! Have been waiting for that dress for seems like ages now , but loosing hope now since it's already on md overseas 🙁 TIA!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lululover that's an awesome deal..I was underwhelmed by the pics of it online but then got it as a gift and tried it on.the fit on me was great and I actually love the rose gold zippers! I think they make the jacket "pop" a bit more.. Congrats on the find.

    • Lululover says:

      My jacket ( black) has regular brass metal zipper, not rose gold.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anon 5:30a.m. The scuba colour you are referring to is Heathered Demin Blue. I saw that hoodie and the colour is gorgeous!

    • Anonymous says:

      That makes sense now! HA! I love it. It's so beautiful! Thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know what you mean, it can be so confusing trying to figure out the colour by looking at a bunch of letters. I am getting in the habit of writing the colour name on the tag when I cut it off.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I got the anorak in green online. I had tried it in store and liked it also got the falling freely neck warmer.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I got the down for a run vest for $74. My store also had rest less pullovers for $59 and swiftly crews for $44.

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