1. You are so right! never thought of Minecraft. I have had the dress on my wish list, but I can avoid that color..I wasn't crazy about the digi-print on me anyway.. I've seen it more flattering on others such as the above model than on me.
      I like eliminating my never-ending active wear/clothing wish list. Always too many wants on my end and I'm trying to learn to limit myself & be creative with the clothing I already have.

  1. So I saw the wind runner jacket in the store and thought it looked nice so went to try it on. The bib on the inside of the jacket isn't attached to the jacket!! When I went to put it on it was falling into two pieces in my hands. How awkward would that be every time you went to put it on or take it off?? It was such a major design flaw I wouldn't even look at it on md. Too bad because the jacket looked nice on that hanger.

  2. I'm really liking Wind runner jacket , but I'm not planning to wear the bib with it . I think it's super cool to and from jacket, but just by itself. Even the ed at my store said its not working the way it's designed.

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