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Yay! Nothing super exciting for me this week on What We Love except for the return of Bon Bon Pink.

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  • I like the hoodie, skirt and dress. Those are totally my style. The Energy Bra is cute too. Looking forward to the next upload.

  • whew my wallet is safe again – i am trying real hard! Does Bon Bon not look alot like jeweled magenta? Just wondering how close it is as I bought the CRB, exquisite tank and amala tank – not to mention i have the crops and liberty shorts….i am hoping it is so close to jm that I won't need it!

  • My wallet is safe from everything here as well, thankfully, it needs a little break from Lulu this week. I'm sure there will be something I will see on Tuesday that I will want though! I'm trying to be more selective and not end up spending all of my shopping money on Lulu – l'm working on branching out a little – still absolutely love Lulu, but I'm not feeling as obsessed lately and that feels so good.

  • I like the bright color combo on the bra (but doesn't it seem like spring brights?), but nothing else. The recent designs really help my wallet lol.

    • I really like the colour combo on the bra too. It does seem more spring and summerish to me too, but I wear whatever colours I feel like year round anyway – however, I do kind of like when they come out with the fall and winter like colours and spring and summer like colours in the corresponding seasons.

    • Bon Bon is slightly lighter and definitely more of a warm coral pink and Jewelled Magenta is a cool pink. I think if you have them next to each other they are not that close. I'm betting Lulu Addict has a comparison photo because I know she has a couple tanks in Bon Bon and Jewelled Magenta items.

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