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Ivivva Fit Review: Om The Go Pullover (Youth Size 14 on Adult Size 10)

September 28, 2015

I was obsessed with the Om The Go Pullover in this Black/White rugby print when I saw it upload last week and really annoyed that Lululemon doesn’t have anything like this in adult sizes. I miss the Chai Time Sweater and this sweater hits the spot for me. I know that a lot of size 4/6/8 women buy Ivivva but I never considered it for my size 10 body until I saw this piece and wondered if it would work. My friend happened to be shopping at Ivivva on Friday so she obliged me with a try on of the sweater in size 14, she’s an adult size 6, and it looked awesome on her. On her, the sweater is tunic length which is the ideal fit. I went ahead and ordered it expecting it to be super tight in my arms and a crop top (which I’d store away as motivation goal top) but actually, the arms feel the same as my chai time sweaters and although the body doesn’t have the butt covering length I’d like, I think it looks great as a shorter length too. It still goes over my entire hip area and I’d compare the length to a Open Your Heart LS II. I’m definitely working on this fitting more like a tunic on me. The knit material relaxes quite a bit and the seams where the arms are joined don’t feel tight or tensed at all. I think a woman’s sweater would have a deeper v neckline but I like this feminine yet modest v. 

 Om The Go Pullover size 14 youth 

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9 responses to “Ivivva Fit Review: Om The Go Pullover (Youth Size 14 on Adult Size 10)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks great! It made me look at it online again…But hand washing is against my religion. �� You are looking fantastic, lulumum!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Ivivva! It's a little hit or miss for me, sometimes things look to young or the armpits are too high, etc but I've had lots of luck lately with tanks and tees. And I love their version of a groove pant!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Iviva has some super cute knitwear right now. Not sure why the adults get stuck with such blah designs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks LLM, for pointing this one out. They opened an Ivivva store a few months ago in London. I went in there two weeks ago because they have their lined version of DSP's. I tried on the lined black ones in size 14 and they worked! The 14 is the equivalent of LLL DSP in size 4. (which is what I take) They are slightly different, The waistband is a different material but far more durable I think, and the legs are a bit narrower than regular DSP's as they don't flare out as much. Also, they don't have a drawstring on the bottom of the pant, but with the narrower leg, it doesn't need one. I will go check out these sweaters as I love the material of the Chai time, I ended up returning mine as I found the sleeves to tight for my preference.

  5. KS says:

    What is the equivalent sizes for LLL in ivivva?

  6. lulubell says:

    Super cute!! Do you remember what other colors there were? I don't see it online anymore, so I may have to take a trip to my local store.

  7. Laurie says:

    Thank you for sharing your try-ons! Looks so good and makes me interested in checking out Ivivva as an option to LLL.

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