Yay! What We Love is up for the week and I’m so glad there is nothing I’m swooning over. I know a lot of you are really swooning over the Space Dye Twist Define that Canada is getting and the Heathered Ultraviolet High Times Pant but I’m saving myself for all things Sapphire. I’d love a Sapphire Cool Racerback. 

  1. Nothing earth-shattering here for me. I have a major thing for Fatigue Green though, so I might want to take a closer look at that Bhakti jacket. Although I think I saw a Fatigue In Flux jacket uploaded somewhere across the pond (Hong Kong maybe) which could also be nice. So frustrating not knowing what we're ultimately going to be getting. It's too bad that Satnam Tank is made like the crossback tanks were – with that cheapening (IMHO) seam across the front under the bust. I agree with you I'd like to see more sapphire blue. I've also been very impatiently waiting for the cranberry speed IV tights to come to the US. It's an unhealthy obsession, I tell you!

  2. OT: Lulumum, have you guys in Canada heard anything about the new pant launch? We are getting at least 2 new materials for pants here in the States and it is launching Tuesday 9/1. My local store is hosting an event that starts when the doors open at 10 AM..I think all Lulu's in the States are rolling it out. It is going to be all about feel..How do you want to feel in your pants. If you've purchased any pants lately you can find the feel description on the hang tag i.e..) Hugged feel, Naked feel, held in feel. I am curious if this is also happening in Canada 🙂 I am looking forward to trying out the new pants.They will also have a super compressive material too .

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