Vancouver stores got a new Scuba Hoodie III (cotton fleece) in Heathered Sapphire Blue. It’s a beauty! The more I see Sapphire the more I think it’s a remake of Wish Blue. I used to have a solid Wish Blue Scuba Hoodie that I sold long ago and regretted it. I’m not a huge fan of the Scuba Hoodie III over the Scuba Hoodie II, but the right color sure makes a difference for me. 

Metal Zipper and Solid Sapphire Blue embroidered logo

  1. It does look great on you Lulumum. I'm a huge fan of the Scuba II and don't care for the Scuba III at all. I always get my usual size 4 in the II, but could fit into a size 2 in the II if it wasn't for my 32DD/E bust size. I'm pretty sure the Scuba III would make me look frumpy, being on the petite side I look my best in more fitted clothing.

  2. I wear a 4 in scuba II. Are people sizing down for scuba III? Do they fit looser like the on the daily hoodie? TIA!

  3. Aww, glad you found a suitable Wish Blue scuba replacement! It looks really nice on you. I got the deep navy scuba II a couple of months ago which is a bit darker than this but I'm not sure I can justify another blue hoodie. Otherwise I might give it a go in spite of my Scuba III misgivings!

  4. Love that Scuba on you Lulumum!!
    I went to the store to check out the Fluffiest Vest but I was in a rush so didn't get it. When I was about to order it I was surprised that the price online is $168 vs $138 in store! Did I see right? It was in The Woodlands store. Couldn't call to the store to double check since it was already closed. Has anyone notice this?

    1. Wow! I just called to my store, it is $138! What is happening here?! I'm pretty sure they are starting to change the price in some stores 🙁

  5. I'm loving the looks of Sapphire Blue. I just ordered the Mini Check Pique Sapphire Blue Heathered Sea Mist Vinyasa Scarf that was a part of the Canadian 'Sneak Upload' yesterday. Hope it's as soft and snuggly (and seam free) as the Mini Check Pique Black White one I got last winter.

    I'm also super interested in the new Daily Practice Jacket, hope to make a trip in to try it on in store tomorrow! Not sure yet which colour I'd get. I really love the looks of the Sapphire Blue one (especially after seeing your review of it, Lulumum), but would also like a longer jacket like this in basic go with everything Black… also love the Black Herringbone though…. I'll have to see, I may not even like the fit on me.

    Thanks again for all you do here on your blog, I love your store trip reports and your try on reviews, and have to say this blog is my favourite!

  6. I've had my eye on the Scuba II in the Space Dye Twist Iris Flower pattern ever since it was first released, but have been hesitating due to thinking it may be a little juvenile looking for someone who is is about to turn 40. However, I just went ahead and ordered it seeing as though my size is now one of the two sizes currently left on the Canadian site. Now wondering if I made the right decision…. I do love the colour and print but it may be too young looking for me… I guess I will decide when it gets here and how I feel about it once I try it on.

    1. I just received my iris scuba yesterday and love it! I am 42 and have serious colors in the scuba (bordeaux, fuel green, grey, etc) — and I just wanted something fun. I did worry that it would be too young, but it's a beautiful mix of colors. Makes me happy just looking at it. Hope you love it! :o) Lea

  7. I am older than either 10:07 or 11:17 and I LOVE my Space Dye Twist Iris Scuba. The Scuba II is more flattering on me personally than the III — and this one is really soft. Yes, it's vibrant and a tad wild, but it doesn't seem overly young to me. I agree with 11:17 that it's a happy-making piece of clothing. I say, give it a try! PS> Lulumum, you look gorgeous in the Sapphire Scuba III. It doesn't look as good on me as it does on you.

  8. Thank you Lea at 11:17 AM and Anon at 4:36 PM! This is what I needed to hear! I love the look of it and I felt drawn to it for the same reasons both of you have said – it seems like such a happy and fun colour and print. I'm glad I went ahead and ordered one before they're all gone, and now really looking forward to getting it next week!

    I agree, anon 4:36, the Scuba II is more flattering on me than the III is, as well. It looks great on you, Lulumum, but you always look so good in everything Lulu!

    1. You are so welcome for the input, Anon 6:54. I hope you love it. I also want to mention vis a vis some of the comments below that I find the Iris Scuba to fit the same as my other Scuba IIs, but perhaps that is because it was perhaps made a little while ago. (I had been wishing it would come to the US since it was released mid-summer in other countries.) I too would be sad if they changed the fit of the Scuba II which I find pretty perfect and TTS.

  9. Looks great on you! Makes me want to buy one. Btw does anyone know if the Lumberjack Scuba in cranberry will come to Canada?

    1. I'm wondering if the Cranberry/Bordeaux Drama Dot Scuba II that the US got last week will be coming it Canada?

      BTW – Has anyone noticed a difference in the most recent Scuba Hoodie II sizing? I was in store today and tried on 3 of the newest colours – the Ghost Manifesto Script, the Black Butterfly Texture, and the Rocky Road one – all three are fitting bigger and a tad shorter! 🙁 I have many Scuba IIs all from end of last summer up until now and they all fit me perfectly and just the way I like them to in a size 4 (size 4 is also my usual Define Jacket size and Swiftly tops size, my CRB size is a 2, and I'm a 32DD/E). I tried on a size 2 in the Ghost Manifesto Script and it fit the way I like, just like my size 4's do except that the new ones are a tad shorter. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this as well? I wonder why they seem to be messing with the fit of the II's now (they had finally got it right over the last year or so!), and especially when they just made the new IIIs for those looking for a more relaxed fit? 🙁

    2. I was just coming here to ask the same question because I saw a review on the Scuba II noting the size differences. The last Scubas I bought were dashing purple and deep navy, both of which fit TTS. But I haven't tried on any of the newer ones. I will be really upset if they messed with the fit on Scuba II – Lulu's size inconsistencies and random changes can be so frustrating.

    3. Hi, Sophie, it's Anon @ 12:55 PM here, I have the Dashing Purple and the Deep Navy ones and they fit normal, it seems to be the newest releases that have come out within the past week. I agree, the sizing inconsistencies and random changes are definitely frustrating. I normally have to do the majority of my Lulu shopping online, only once in a while get a chance to shop in store, so it's especially frustrating to have to play guessing games with sizing for those of us who can only shop this way. It's just so inconvenient to have to order two sizes for everything and then have to return whatever size doesn't fit. Returns are always such a hassle whether shipping them back or having to go out of the way to try and make a special trip into the closest store. It puts me off wanting to order. 🙁 …although, maybe this is a good thing 😉

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