Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Define Jacket (size up to a 12 in Defines)

This was gorgeous and very soft and warm. I left it behind (for now) but it’s on my list. 

Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Define Jacket

Circadian SS Tee sized up to 12

I LOVED this tee. Mostly I loved it for the gorgeous color which I’m pretty sure is Heathered Cranberry. The color code is HECY. It’s thin and a little clingy so I opted to size up to a 12 in it. As you can see it’s still a bit clingy but it’s nice and long. Normally when I size up to a 12 in tees I get more of a boyfriend fit but this was still fitted and feminine. I’m certain that my TTS 10 would have been way too tight around the middle for my liking. I have a friend who was with me and she tried on her TTS and since she is busty the Pima Cotton went sheer on her over her bust. 

Circadian SS Tee

Definitely Raining Jacket 

They didn’t have my size in this jacket in stock so I grabbed the closest just to try it on and show you the color. It’s gorgeous. It was a bit of a circus with 5 little girls with us so I didn’t get to confirm the color but I’m pretty sure this is Cranberry. 

It may be helpful to add that I got the Espresso DRJ several weeks ago and I was considering returning it until this past weekends #BCStorm with our torrential downpour. I’ve worn my jacket three times now in total downpour and I could not be happier. 100% dry and a lot softer a more flexible than previous years rain jackets. 

Definitely Raining Jacket

Definitely Raining Jacket

Definitely Raining Jacket

1x A Lady Jacket – Sized up to a 12

I tried this on last year in my TTS 10 and I learned that in straight jackets like this I’m better off sizing up so that is what I grabbed in this. Sized up it’s nicely roomy and would definitely layer over a Scuba. I like this jacket but not more than the Camo Fluffin’ Awesome Jacket which I ended up getting a few weeks ago so I’m not tempted by this one but only because I have something I like. Also, this straight long puffy jacket style really doesn’t suite my pear shape anyways. 

1x A Lady Jacket

1x A Lady Jacket

1x A Lady Jacket

Herringbone High Times Pant

I sadly didn’t get to try these on or confirm the color but it’s likely a Slate Herringbone. I didn’t love them to be honest because it looked more like a print of herringbone vs. actual texture. 

Herringbone High Times Pant

Cool Racerback Windy Blooms Sapphire

I grabbed this to photograph but I wasn’t in love with the print so I didn’t try it on. I’m gonna need a solid Sapphire Cool Racerback.

Sunset Salutation LS TTS 10

Ugh! Why did I try this on. I really liked this top a lot. Had they had my size in black I probably would have gone for it. I regret it a little that I didn’t go for the Ghost but I think the Black would get more versatility in my closet. I’ve spent too much though and this, like the Define Jacket has to go on my ‘hopefully later’ list. 

At the last moment when I was checking out with the Circadian SS I saw that the Lumberjack Scuba was in. I want it, but I don’t think I want to exchange the Sapphire Scuba III for it so I had to leave it behind. 

  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like lots of pretty things are coming! I really like the Regal Plum Twist Define, but I'm noticing that the stripes aren't lining up on the front and I don't know how much this would bother me. I just purchased a Regal Plum CRB yesterday(not sure if this one is new or has been around for a while) – love that it has a matching regal plum coloured logo instead of the reflective one! Wish that they would do more logos like this. Also really like the Cranberry cotton tee! Thanks again, Lulumum, and as always, you're looking great in everything!

    1. Oh, forgot to mention, I love the Angel Wing Sun Salutation top, but my store (and online) is all sold out in my size now, boo! Really wanted one, but was waiting until I could get in to store to try one on 🙁 If you really like this one, Lulumum, I'd suggest not holding out for long.

    2. Lulumum: did I read something on here about being able to contact lululemon stores directly to track down and purchase an item? If so, can you tell me how I do so?

    3. Oops, sorry Lulumum, it's anon at 1:32 PM here, I just sent you some photos of the Regal Plum CRB! Now just noticing the recent replies here! Sorry about that.

    4. Thanks!!
      The Regal Plum CRB is definitely new and hasn't been reported on yet. If you have time and feel like it – send me a photo and I'll post it on the blog 🙂

    5. Yes absolutely! Call your local store to see if they have the item you want. If they don't see if they can check what stores has it. If they can't do that (they need a bar code to scan I think) then just call around to various stores in your country until you find one that has that item in stock. They will then ship it to you for free.

    6. I bought a regal plum crb a month or so ago, and it was quite a thick luon. But today, I was in the store in Yorkville, and I noticed the new ones, and they are totally different from the one that I bought. They seem to be more muted in colour, a little bit thinner, and soft. Unbelievably soft. Almost like a light rulu. I was almost tempted to buy it, it was just different enough.

  2. It's a bit annoying that the stripes on the Twist Regal Plum Define line up on the photo shown in Heylululemon, but apparently don't line up in real life. This is only of those "have to hunt for just the right alignment" items, I suppose. What a pain. Also, I bought the lumberjack scuba but ended up returning it because the "black" just really isn't black. Looks like a maroon-stained black, so ends up looking a bit bordeaux…

  3. Argh – a Cranberry Definitely Raining! I absolutely would have gone for this colour. I got Gator Green and just took the tags off over the weekend. I'm going to try to unsee this one because I really do love my GG version. I like the lining a lot more than I expected to as well.

    1. You know, the cranberry is gorgeous but I got the Espresso and I'm 100% certain that is the color for me. My second pick is still the Gator Green and third place goes to Cranberry. Which is odd because I do love Cranberry.

  4. Lulumum, just wondering how the fit of the Circadian Short Sleeve Tee compares with the fit of the Inner Essence Long Sleeve tops that were out recently? Just curious if they are as fitted and snug, I found the Inner Essence LS to be quite fitted and snug in my usual size and didn't have to size down like I do for some tops (I like a snug fit). or are they even snugger and maybe best to size up? I rarely ever have to size up from my usual size, but have done so for the In Flux Jacket.

  5. Awesome store report, Lulumum! Will definitely have to give the circadian SS and LS a try. Really loving that SS in cranberry especially.

  6. Semi-OT (but not really) the full length down coat in the window at Kit & Ace is really nice… I think the lululemon one looks a bit plain in comparison :/

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