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Fit Review: What The Sport Short *Long, In Flux Jacket vs. Dance Studio Jacket

August 8, 2015

Guys, I’m so impressed. I ordered these What The Sport Short *Long in my size from the Robson Store on Thursday afternoon after trying to find them at Coquitlam and Metrotown,  and they were on my doorstep on Friday morning. Just in time for me to try them out for a 3 mile run on my taper week before Seawheeze. I tried them on (here) in my size down in store because that was all they had but I am glad I was able to find them in my TTS 10. They fit snug and compressive without feeling tight, and the waist is nice and smooth. For the first mile the waist was a little slidy but I find that is the same with most of my size 10 run crops. They just need a bit of sweat to get them to stay up. You can also tie the waistband tighter but I find they stay up just fine once I get that first initial mile and I didn’t bother using the waist tie feature. The holster pockets on the sides are great, they fit my iphone 6 plus (although I prefer to keep that in my Run Stuff Your Bra) or a full packet of Honey Stinger Chews and they have a strip of reflectivity above both holster pockets. The inside of the hem does not have an elastic grip but they do not ride up at all on me. Overall these were definitely a great purchase and I’m really glad I chased them down because I’ll be wearing these next week for Seawheeze. It’s supposed to be a nice cool 21*c (thank goodness!) so crops would be fine too. I love these shorts!

Here is the size 12 In Flux Jacket in Cranberry next to my size 10 Dance Studio Jacket in Bumbleberry. I liked the In Flux but I don’t think I’m keeping it. I mainly purchased it in a size up expecting it to be a looser more casual fit than my DSJ but it’s actually just as snug and it’s a size up. I think what contributes to the snugger fit is that there is much less elasticity while the DSJ has the ribbed luon bottom half all the way around which makes it feel stretchier. The length on both of these is identical which surprised me but keep in mind that one is a size up.  For some reason the design of the In Flux Jacket makes it look a bit shorter but if it is it’s less than an inch. I think the DSJ is more flattering on me but I know a lot of people love the In Flux Jacket more flattering and comfortable to them. 

The reverse of the Cranberry In Flux Jacket is heathered Cranberry but I didn’t love the color blocking of the solid red Cranberry. I never wear my Dance Studio Jackets on the reverse side so this is no deal breaker for me, just an observation. 

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12 responses to “Fit Review: What The Sport Short *Long, In Flux Jacket vs. Dance Studio Jacket”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear you don't like the In Flux Jacket as much as the DSJ, Lulumum. It does look really good on you though, just as good as your DSJ, in my opinion, but I know it comes down to whatever each of us feels our best in.

    • Lulumum says:

      I liked it on it's own merits but since I already have the DSJ in a very similar color I didn't feel like I needed to have it.

    • Nicole says:

      I have always wanted a DSJ, especially in bumbleberry, but I never loved how they looked on me since i have a large bust and arms. I need to try on the In Flux–I was hoping to maybe buy one when I am in Vancouver in 10 days since the exchange rate favors us Americans shopping in Canada right now. I wonder if the Robson store will even have any Cranberry left by then!

  2. Sophie says:

    Hmm, side by side I have to agree the DSJ is a little more flattering, though they both look really nice on you. I have 2 DSJs and love them – but are they even making them anymore? I think the thicker seaming of the Lulu logo on the top half of the DSJ has a slimming effect that is missing with the In Flux. That's one thing I've always loved about my DSJs – how they seem to accentuate my curves yet slim me and suck me in at the same time. Bummer! I'm still waiting on my Cranberry In Flux to arrive (not till Weds – UGH). Assuming there will be no DSJs in the near future, and since I do not have bumble berry, I may settle for the In Flux. I really really love that cranberry color. Thank you for the review!

    • Lulumum says:

      Definitely if you don't have the bumble berry DSJ you will love the In Flux. I would have 100% kept it had I not had Bumble Berry. I forgot to mention another contributing factor to wanting to return it is that I want that Espresso Rain Jacket that's coming on Tuesday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the DSJ is more flattering on you…thanks for this!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also, the color comparison in your standing pics was interesting. The cranberry In flux jacket just looked like a dull, muted bumbleberry. Not a brighter red-like color… Overall, I think the bumbleberry DSJ looks better in any case. Thanks for the comparison/review.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This was exactly a comparison I was curious about. It was very helpful for those of us that don't live by a store and don't get to see the real thing until we order it. Thanks!

  6. Sam S. says:

    Really love the in the flux jacket on you! I wanted cranberry so bad but it sold out. 🙁

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had the same experience as you. I know many love the In Flux, but for whatever reason the DSJ just flatters my figure more. The DSJ smoothes and enhances my curves. However, the pockets on the In flux flared oddly on me, even in my size up which fit perfectly otherwise. I don't feel as if the In Flux is an inferior jacket (as the Scuba 3 seems to be IMO) but it just doesn't work as well for me personally. Although I think you look so pretty in both, I agree you look best in the DSJ.

  8. Milon Shing says:

    thanks for the information…click bellow for more information

  9. Kathy says:

    If you still have thencranberry size 12 I would love to buy it!!!

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