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Fit Review: What The Sport Short *Long

August 6, 2015

My store got the What The Sport Short Long in today and already they are sold out of my size 10 in most Vancouver stores and online. They had an 8 though so I tried those on out of curiosity since some of my run crops are size 8. These where so off my radar but I decided today I cannot run Seawheeze without them so I went ahead and got a pair in my tts 10 on hold at another store. The size 8’s where actually ok since they are so thick, opaque and compressive. Had the 10’s been unavailable I would have made due with the 8’s as the only area they felt a bit ‘snug’ was around the knees where you can see they are squeezing a little, and the rise was slightly lower than it would have been in a 10. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just not ideal. I love the waistband on these because they come up nice and high so you get a pretty smooth waist. I also love the holster pockets on these and how long the inseam is at 9″. These are so perfect for coverage on a long run when you might get thigh chaffing but it’s way too hot to wear crops. On hot days I’ve been layering my sculpt shorts under my tracker shorts but that added material really makes it too hot and cumbersome, and weird with the high rise sculpt shorts under the much lower rise shorts. Why couldn’t these have come out sooner? 

Seawheeze is only a week away so my concern with getting run specific clothing now is wether or not I’ll be able to use the pieces for Crossfit or other sports. I will definitely put these to use in Crossfit but I’m also going to be cycling with my dad and sister so they will be great for that as well. 

What The Sport Short *Long

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  1. I'm seriously considering running in these for Seawheeze too! (pending fit assessment – I've had issues with the shorter ones causing lots of squish even in my larger size, so we'll see). I wish I had them now for my 11 mile run tomorrow, but oh well.

  2. Sophie says:

    I normally stick with crops (I've given up trying to get my thighs and shorts to get along!) but if I were going to do a short, this would definitely be it. The length is perfect. I love the side pocket too.

  3. Sophie says:

    P.S. I just went back to the website to take another look at these shorts and there's not a single shot of them straight-on from the front or back. And not only that, they're all at various angles of the same side (the model's left). These photos are SO frustrating!

  4. Anonymous says:

    These arrived today and I immediately took them out for a 6 mile run and they were perfect. I hope these come in more colors as I would definitely buy more! I just wish the pockets in the waistband were a little deeper…they are very shallow.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got these this week and love them. Remind me of the Ride Take Flight Bike shorts from a few years back. I wish I had bought more than one pair of those babies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I never wear shorts at the gym but I actually like the look of those. I am going to try on in store. Thanks for the review! At first, I passed right over it but after seeing the pockets, I looked again because they look less like the traditional tight bike shorts and more of something that I would feel ok in

    • Lulumum says:

      Definitely give them a try. They are a lot more substantial than I expected them to be and they are a great fit.

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