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May 19, 2015

Upload link here: 

Well I’d almost call that a dud of an upload but not if you were hoping Canada would get the Refresh Maxi, and if you are in the US and had been waiting for the Pigment Multi Tracker Shorts and Striped Love Tee’s and Om Pants than it may not have been a total dud for you. I ordered the wide striped Refresh Maxi although I’m pretty sure it will be too clingy in my TTS and for some crazy reason they aren’t making size 12’s in these clingy fitting items. Hopefully the Vitasea is nice and thick. I really think they need to at least keep size 12’s for items like the Refresh Maxi or Inner Essence Skirt, or size 2 in items that fit really loose. I vary so much in my sizing with lululemon that I have items in size 8, 10 and 12 and they all fit perfectly. 

Did you order anything today? 

Refresh Maxi Dress

Love Tee

Inner Essence Skirt

Jet Crop (Slim Trouser)

Scuba Hoodie

Straight Up Tank Very Light Flare

Thought that was grapefruit. Oh well.

Swiftly Tech SS

Run Stuff Your Bra

Inner Essence Bra

Superb Long Sleeve

Free To Be Wild Bra

Om Pant

Be Free Runsie

Tracker Short III

Run Top Speed Crop

Run Inspire Crop

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Soft Summer Tank

Soft Summer Jacket

City Jogger

Race To Win Hat

Inspiration Tank

All Sport Support Tank

Superb Tank

All You Need Pant

Kickin’ It Backpack

Groove Short II Roll Down

Liberty Short

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7 responses to “Upload”

  1. Lululover says:

    Nothing for me this time

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, total dud of an upload. Saw nothing I liked. But then I was so hoping the poseidon heathered define would be uploaded. I hope LLL isn't going to pull the same old nonsense where they hold things back from Canada and give it to the other counties. (like silver fox cyber strip high times with zippers) daytrip boyfriend pants, all white ftbw bra, exquisite tank II, dancing warrior tank, Heathered possidon & magneta crb's etc etc.) You would think that a Canadian company would make their Canadian customers a priority! After all, were the ones that made them successful enough to expand!

    • Lulumum says:

      I go to the US quite often in Spring/Summer for day trips since Seattle is so close and this year we haven't gone as much because of the lower dollar. We went this past weekend and I was so surprised at the difference in inventory between the US stores and Canadian stores. It's never been so drastic. Before there would be maybe one item that Canada doesn't have but this time there were at least 10-15 items that Canada doesn't have and we haven't even gotten online.

  3. Didn't order a thing! Haven't really bought anything (besides the updated Scoop neck tank) in several months.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nothing at all here either.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ordered the JM FTBW, to compare to the vintage pink FTBW I already have. I ordered the pretty purple with the gingham straps as I think the black/white straps will be versatile and a different pattern for a change. I ordered the Lullaby swiftly in LS and SS — I have the lullaby LS with tags on from the winter but it is the rugby stripe one — i recently wore my rugby stripe boom juice LS swiftly with the Runaway jacket over top and when I finished my jog, the swiftly was all snagged wherever there were zippers and seams – so I am thinking the Rugby stripe weave is just way too delicate. I had pulled the thread with a hang nail when I was simply folding the top. I managed to pull the thread back in but was not expecting the snags from the jacket. I have the fresco blue and the real teal LS swiftly and have no issues with them, but the weave is different. The ED told me to try jogging with the runaway jacket on to see if the same thing happens…but I haven't brought myself to do it yet as I don't want to ruin the tops as I love the colours!
    I so wanted a tank in grapefruit – CRB/SRB or straight up – I will have to wait a bit longer!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am liking how the Straight Up tank looks on the model – very flattering – hope Canada gets them soon! I am intrigued by the floral pattern in that hat that Canada got – I hope it comes out in a tank or skirt — looks like there is poseiden mixed in with purple/iris, etc. Looks very pretty!

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