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Be Free Runsie, Kickin’ It Backpack and Jewelled Magenta On The Daily Hoodie

May 20, 2015

Be Free Runsie

60 000 BTU Outdoor Fireplace

Kickin’ It Backpack

I’m liking the look of this backpack. For some reason it is really reminding me of Rebecca Minkoff bags with the fold over flap and the front zip pocket and the hardware down the front.

Jewelled Magenta On The Daily Hoodie

I forgot to mention I saw this hoodie on Friday when I was at the Seattle store and I was certain I was going to get it but the material isn’t the same as the other OTD Hoodies. It is a nubby beachy style cotton, not the smoother tight knit of the Marled Ultraviolet one. The new Heathered Black/Dark Grey and Heathered Silver Fox are also this new nubby looser knit cotton. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, just not what I expected.

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2 responses to “Be Free Runsie, Kickin’ It Backpack and Jewelled Magenta On The Daily Hoodie”

  1. janine57 says:

    I agree the backpack is nice for casual but without a chest strap makes it difficult to use IMO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lulumum,do you think the jewelled magneta on the daily hoodie will come to Canada?

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