by Cristina

Fit Review: Run For Days Bra

April 23, 2015

My Run For Days Bra just arrived and it is another hit! I ordered my TTS 10, my usual Energy Bra size and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of support. I assumed this bra would be lighter support than the Energy Bra based on the online photos, and I thought that silverscent material band at the bottom would be really light and too stretchy  to be supportive. It’s actually just as thick as the banded luxtreme on the Energy Bras and offers the same support, possibly a bit more support in the band because it isn’t super stretchy. The silverscent material lines the entire inside and it is really soft. While I still get uniboob in this bra as I do with the Energy Bra, I don’t necessarily mind that in a running functional bra. My go too sports bra for none uniboob look under a casually worn Cool Racerback is the Ebb And Flow Bra. 

The pockets on this bra are kick ass!! They are definitely bigger pockets than the Run Stuff Your Bra  (not compartmentalized) and you can fully fit in a regular sized iphone tucked under the bra straps, completely covered up. My iphone 6plus also fully fits in the pocket and angled under the bra strap it is fully covered as well. I’ll have to wait until my husband gets home with his iphone 6 plus to update the photo. Basically the pocket is one big pocket from side seam to side seam.  Someone mentioned yesterday in one of the groups that it’s probably not a great ideal to wear your iphone over your breast because of the risk of cancer, so do note that thought. I like the solution of having somewhere to stash my phone that is easy access and doesn’t require contorting to get it in and out and that isn’t stretching my headphone cord to its full capacity. It will require some sweat proofing though which I think I can just jimmy a ziplock iphone sleeve with packing tape over plastic. TADA! I don’t really care that it is unsightly to have a big boxy shaped rectangle under your shirt. 

If the bra wasn’t so darn pricey I’d order a second one but I definitely need to unload some Energy Bras before I do that. 

Another thing to note is that my bra arrived with a new style of cups. These new cups are perforated on the inside for ventilation. So awesome….except the cups I got are size 4. They don’t look too small once inside the bra and worn but I really would rather have size 8/10 cups with my bra so I’ll see if my store has these new perforated cups. 

Run For Days Bra

old iphone 4 stuffed inside.

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