Today I fell in love with run crops! I ordered the Deep Camo Run For Days Crops on Tuesday but I was eager to try them on even though they are arriving tonight. They are AMAZING! Silverscent is woven throughout so the luxtreme is thick and opaque and just generally lux feeling. I don’t plan on wearing them multiple times without laundering but it is a handy thing to not come home smelling like my crossfit box, or if I need to go from my Crossfit or running directly to my daughters soccer or swimming without getting getting to change, I wont make people pass out from the smell of gym. Another thing I love in these crops is the rose gold zipper (both Deep Camo and Black, and I think Regal Plum all have rose gold zippers). I know it’s hidden under a long tank but it is such a pretty detail that offsets all the silverscent line accents on the cuffs. These are just really beautifully designed, simple run crops with pretty seam work and subtle elegant details. The mid rise is very comfortable and the length is perfect on me without digging into my calves. I also found the side panel seam details to be slimming. The one fault these crops have (debatable) is that they don’t have a big holster pocket, but it still has the same pockets that Inspires have – back zip pocket and front gel pockets. In these I’d much rather have the streamlined look and wear a spi belt for my stuff than worry about a holster pocket. Besides, I ordered the Run For Days Bra (online only in Canada) which has a big pocket on it. I’ll do a review on that tonight when it arrives but if that fits an iphone in it, then bam! We are all set for Seawheeze! So excited about these crops that I ended up grabbing a pair in black. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of run crops so much that I immediately grabbed a second pair in black. I think it says something when the design details are so beautiful that they stand alone in a pair of black tights vs. less interesting crops that have a great pattern or print. 

Stay tuned for my Run For Days Bra fit review!

Run For Days Crops TTS 10. 

Rose Gold!

Not long enough pocket for a phone at all, but handy for other stuff. 

The black pair I got. 

Inside of the pant leg woven with silverscent.

Run For Days Long Sleeve

The Run For Days Long Sleeve was nice too, and I was surprised I liked the feel of it. It is thick both in the luxtreme and the silverscent sleeves but it felt silky and soft on. My only issue with it is that it’s short on my long torso and I didn’t love how that looked on me.

Love Tee and Jet Crop Slims *RULU

My store had this new Love Tee in. I’m a sucker for Love Tee’s and I also love a good jail berg/french mime stripe. I’m wearing my RULU Jet Crop Slim Trousers today and if you haven’t already read my fit review on these, they are awesome!

Radiant Long Sleeve *RULU

My store also had this new Radiant Long Sleeve in today. It is quite soft but a pretty warm top going into late spring. I bet you this was an item stuck in a shipping container. I didn’t love the drape on it and it felt bunchy but I may consider it if it comes in a different color. I was underwhelmed with it after trying on the other pieces that I loved.;whats-new

Secret Socks

New socks in today! As you can see I wear my Vans constantly which means I need no show socks. I’m going to try these on and let  you know how they work but so far I like them. The back has a silicone grippy on it and the vamp is lower profile than last years version.;whats-new

So far, a better fit than my Nike socks. The vamp goes up higher and they are less slippy. The grip in the back is stickier too. 

  1. Hate to disagree with you LLM but that run for days LS in deep camp actually looks great on you….very flattering, long torso and all….

  2. I own the same Vans! I can't stop wearing mine either. Always on the lookout for a good low sock. I'll have to give these a try!

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