Upload is up! To make things a bit easier, there are links now above each product on this post in case you haven’t been able to access upload just yet and want one of these items. I have a Canada link first, and then a US link. Let me know if having these links up was helpful to you. Also, you can click on the little ‘what’s new’ banner link at the top of this page and that should direct you to the new full upload landing page.  I was hoping that the dark brown CRB that I saw on Lulu Addict earlier today would upload but it hasn’t. Boy am I glad to see 4 new CRB’s out now though! I’m going to check and see if the SOHO lululemon has it in tomorrow. 

 Flaming Tomato Cool Racerback, US Flaming Tomato Cool Racerback

Heathered Slate Cool Racerback, US Heathered Slate Cool Racerback

 Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Bumble Berry Flaming Tomato Wunder Under Pants
US Diamond Jacquard SD Flaming Tomato

Manifesto Script Ghost Black Scuba Hoodie

(not on US side)

Manifesto Script Deep Coal Scuba Hoodie

(Canada only)

Scuba Hoodie Reflective
US Scuba Hoodie Reflective 

US Fleet Street Hoodie
(not on Canada side)

US Base Runner Pants
(not on Canada side)

Home Stretch Crew

US Home Stretch Crew

Bright Bomber Jacket

US Bright Bomber Jacket

Light It Up Skirt

US Light It Up Skirt

In A Flash Bra II * Reflective

US In A Flash Bra II * Reflective

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