Sorry for the barely there posts today! I’m in New York!!! I figured I’d still be able to post in small pockets during the day but we’ve been out from early morning until now seeing absolutely everything. Once we’ve hit up all the touristy things we want to see here, I hope we will have time to check out the nearby Lululemon in SOHO for blogger duty. You know, so that I can report to you on  the goings on of various stores across North America. Of todays new product lineup, I think I’m liking the Home Stretch Crew in this Storm Grey/Dune color the most. 

Home Stretch Crew, Flaming Tomato Diamond Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

Made out of Polartec Power Stretch Pro Fabroc

“High Mile”

 Not sure what bottoms she’s wearing but they remind me of last years Parallel Striped run pants. 

Reflective Speed Shorts, Home Stretch Crew

Flaming Tomato Diamond Jacquard Wunder Under Crops

In A Flash LS, Reflective Speed Shorts

Bright Bomber Jacket


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