Well, looks like a lot of the WMTM predictions turned out right, but some items that were spotted on markdown in store never made it to WMTM. I think a lot of people were hoping for the Movement Jacket, Plunge Bra and Serenity Pants/Shorts and Hoodies and Mudra Tank. I was pleased to see my guess of the Inner Heart Bra came true even though I did get that one at full price when it first came out. 

I made an impulse purchase tonight and decided to give the Rollin’ With My Omies Pants a try in black. Unfortunately my size wasn’t in stock so I ordered them in a size 8 and hope that they are loose enough that they will be fine a size down. If not I’ll have to sell them, or see if my store would be willing to exchange them for a 10. Have any of you tried these pants on yet and have some sizing insight for me? I hate taking size risks on final sale items. 

Did you score anything on markdown tonight? 


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