Friday, June 14, 2024

Sneak Peek: Britt’s Picks

by Cristina

Britt’s Picks are up for this week and this time we get to know what items Canada is getting, and what items US is getting. Canada gets the Savasana Camo items, and Black Camouflage Speed Shorts! US is getting Flowabunga Multi Speed Shorts and Inspire Crops. Britt specified in her post that this is what’s coming up for Monday’s upload, but I wonder if there may be an additional upload tomorrow for 4th of July like there was last year (July 4 Sneaky Upload) I’m kind of cranky that they do that and they don’t do a surprise happy upload for Canada Day. Kinda hurts my feelings a little bit.

On the right is a real life photo of the Black Camo Speed shorts

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