Wednesday, June 19, 2024


by Cristina

I am quite pleased that this upload was boring (for me) and that the Tuck And Flow LS’s that Australia got this morning haven’t arrived here yet. I desperately want those but would be happy to wait a bit for them so I can prepare and save and get whatever colors I’m interested in. I think they will be uploaded Seawheeze week – so I’ll limit my spending there for sure. I was tempted by the Bleached Coral CRB on the US side but that one didn’t show on the Canada side. I’d love to see it paired with Bruised Berry Wunder Unders. 

I had the same upload issues this week and could only see on the French Canada side which was super slow. I will keep mentioning this every time it happens in hopes that Lululemon will consider fixing the issue. 

Looks like a restock on the US side for the Savasana and Black Camo Cool Racerbacks

 I’m thinking this heathered bruised berry swiftly SL and SS will go quickly. 

 Three Forme Jackets uploaded, Bruised Berry, Forest Green and WAFS Neon Pink. 

new Wheezy Check Reflective Bleached Coral

The &Go capsule uploaded but I don’t care for any of the pieces in it. 

This is a nice new bag. I’d love it in Bruised Berry, or Forest and I’d love it even more if it had a laptop pocket. 

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