Monday, June 17, 2024

Crossfit WOD

by Cristina

Today was a fun WOD. One of my favourite coaches was on today (they are all my favourites for different reasons) and we got some extra special attention to progression work in some of the common gymnastics movements we do. I think he’s a bit of a nerd about breaking down the movements so we understand why certain positions are ideal. I never realized how doing candlesticks could be a progression for doing pistols, or how hollow rocks help you keep your ribs tucked in for heavy lifts. We also did teddybear stands into tripods, and summersaults. The warmup felt like playing, and then the workout was one I really liked too. I love most workouts that are AMRAPs that include Oly lifts. 

Single Arm Dumbell Press 3 x 8 alternating with Ring Rows (the goal was to keep our torso straight rather than counterbalancing by leaning over)

WOD – Space Cadet

12 minute AMRAP of 6 Hang Squat Clean, 12 Hand ReleasePushups

Dug into my closet today to break my Bruised Berry trend and remembered I have the April WAFS Cool Racerback which I love but rarely wear. Also wore my Roll Down Wunder unders and I took my Angel Wing Tuck & Flow LS but it was too warm to wear. You know what would pair nicely with April WAFS? My Bruised Berry Dance Studio Jacket. Too bad it was too warm to wear it. 

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