Sunday, June 23, 2024

Crossfit Wod

by Cristina

Crossfit Wod post last week was a bit MIA since I ended up missing my Friday and Saturday workouts due to my husbands work schedule and my ability to get away kid free. I used to take my kids with me on those occasions but I decided that Its too hard managing them while trying to do my workouts and I worry about them distracting others who really don’t want to have to watch out for kids. My box is quite kid friendly, but not everyone that works out there has kids so I hate to burden people with ‘looking out’ when swinging kettlebells or lifting heavy weights. Plus, my four year old will ask to go to the bathroom a minimum of 5 times during a wod and that is really no fun for me.

Sunday WOD:  

800 meter warm up run, and handstand practice, then;

Hang Power Clean 10

Push Jerk 1



PJ 3
Etc. Etc until the numbers are reversed and you end up at one Hang Power Clean and 10 Push Jerks. 

This workout was tough even though I opted to go lighter than the RX weight which was 95lbs. I chose 65lbs and after two rounds I felt like it was very challenging. The workout ended up being 55 Hang Power Cleans and 55 Push Jerks and I think 95lbs would have been quite impossible. Immediately after crossfit I took both my kids swimming since I had promised them and when we were done I was completely spent for the rest of the day. I wore my Bruised Berry 105F Singlet and my Inner Heart Bra for the first time which I found kind of tight in my TTS. It felt like it was lower cut in the arms and back and hit me at a wider spot than my Energy Bra does so it wasn’t quite as comfortable and I felt self conscious about the areas where it was pinching me.  

Monday 6am WOD:

Muscle Up Progression (for me that was rings at chest height at standing, kneeling on the ground and pulling myself up to a muscle up)

Tech was a Clean Complex: 1 Hang Clean + 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat. I’ve still got that nagging wrist injury so I only worked up to 100lbs. I’m kind of sad I haven’t had a PR in a while but I also realize I’ve been holding back a lot due to my wrist. I’m glad I was able to do handstands yesterday without re injuring it, hopefully that means that the physio exercises I’m doing at home for it are strengthening my wrist. 


AMRAP 15 Minutes
10 Toes To Bars

15 Box Jumps

20 Wall Balls 14#
I did 6 rounds + 15 reps

This workout was all sorts of terrible but I actually kind of liked how spent I was after it. Dizzy and kinda nauseous. These major leg workouts also seem to be migraine inducing for me and I take a long time to recover from them. I wore my Black Camo Roll Down Wunder Unders and my Heathered Bruised Berry Swiftly. I don’t even care that I’m constantly wearing bruised berry these days, I’m a nerd for that color. My next workout days will be Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. 

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