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5 Spring 2014 Trends Lululemon Is Following Closely

April 27, 2014

I was a bit bored today and really don’t want to post any more Club Dress/Hot Hitter pictures since they are way overloaded on my facebook feed and I’m not loving the tennis or the golf capsule very much. Instead, I’ve been reading some fashion blogs this weekened and browsing instragram looking for inspiration and it struck me how much of the Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week trends that Lululemon has been emulating closely. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before just how closely Lululemon trends follow high fashion trends until this season. Usually they follow some general idea of what is trending and you will see Pantones color of the year in the palettes used, but its never been quite this literal. 

I’m not a fashionista AT ALL, and tend to wear the same comfortable things over and over again without considering what sartorial statement I’m making, but for some reason I am fascinated by fashion trends and how they trickle down the line from high end brands to the brands I buy (Joe Fresh, The Gap, J Crew, Aritzia) and so wether we knowingly participate in fashion or not, we end up wearing whats ‘on trend’ eventually as it trickles down the line to the stores we shop from.  I follow a hand full of local fashion bloggers just to see what interesting outfits they put together (To Vogue Or Bust, Alicia Fashionista, Bleed For Fashion, Guest Etc.) and hopefully develop some small sense of style of my own within my comfortable uniform of Lululemon items, Jeans/Tees as I get inspired by these creative bloggers. 

Marble Print

I know a lot of readers joked that Petite Fleur looks exactly like a lot of our granite counter tops, but the print seems to follow closely with the whole marble print trend and so its quite deliberately meant to look like our counters…if only my counters where actually marble. 

 Romantic Florals

Romantic florals are so big this season, especially large scale contrasting bright florals and not the itty bitty demure florals. A lot of you are suffering from Secret Garden overload but I’m loving it just a little bit more each time I see it. I think its the teal blue contrasted with bright pinks that are doing it for me. 

Pineapple Print

This one I had no idea about. When Lululemon came out with their embossed Pineapple printed Wunder Unders I literally thought it was an after thought “what can we possibly do to update all of these black luon legging overstock. I know, PINEAPPLES!”. Then I saw a few fashion blogs post about how big the pineapple print trend is and then it all made sense. Especially when I saw that the Pineapple pants were going for big $$ on ebay much to my surprise. The whole Hawaiian tropical print trend featured prominently on runways but the standout was the Pineapple. 

Bomber Jacket

A lightweight version of the Bomber Jacket in lux silky material seems to be everywhere these days. Lululemon came out with the Om me Home Jacket back in Spring 2013 with Very Green, and now its made a comeback in the tennis capsule in Secret Garden. 

Sporty Chic Dress

Lululemon has now made two versions of the Sporty Dress, the Here To There Dress from their &Go Capsule, and the Club Dress as part of their Tennis Capsule. The dress on the left is Victoria Beckham Spring 2014.


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