My store had a few new items this morning. They had the tennis minus the Club Dress. They got Hot Hitter II shorts in in Black, Cashew and Pipe Dream Blue as well as the Hot Hitter Polo Shirts. There where new thin cotton Vitasea Iconic Wraps in heathered black, and heathered medium grey, and a new terrible wrap called the Twist & Wrap (shown below) I may have been tempted by the Blue Tropics In The Flow Crops but my store didn’t get those. They did have Blue Tropics Street To Studio Crops and the color is so beautiful in person. Reminds me a lot of peacock blue. 

Iconic Wrap, Twist & Wrap, Blue Tropics In The Flow Crops.

Ugh. Ths was fricken horrible on me. My TTS 10 was huge in the body but very tight in the arms, and the arms where really wide apart. It felt very strange on, tight in places, and baggy. 

 I don’t usually find things fit tight on my arms, so if you are someone that does you will find this unbearably tight. I’ve been hitting some PR’s in Crossfit so my arms are bigger but not so much that this should have felt that tight. 

Blue Tropics Street To Studio Crops. No Pigment Blue in store at all today unfortunately but Blue Tropics is quite nice. 

Club Short II where so terrible on me. My TTS was tight because they are so narrow in the leg, and the rise was quite low. I don’t care for this style of short anyways so I wasn’t heart broken. 


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