Friday, June 14, 2024

Parallel Striped Wunder Under Crops in Canadian Stores, and More Of The Latest

by Cristina

I stopped in at my store today (again! looking for Run Day Crops and WU’s), and low and behold they had the Parallel Striped Wunder Under Crops in but not the Run Day Crops. I picked up a pair and didn’t even try them on until I got home. I’m between size 8 and 10, closest to size 10, and the size 8’s were plenty roomy. The size 10 would have definitely been too big on me. I’m not sure if they had size 10 and 12’s but now that I think of it, it looked as though not all the size cubbies had these pants in them so I’m going to say it only went to size 8 – they were just unpacking the boxes though so it could be that they didn’t get to that size yet. These stripes are super flattering and the fact that the base color on them is black and not white, I find them way better than Quiet Striped Wunder Under Crops. Nice soft luon and totally opaque. 

 Universal Stripe Base Runner LS

Universal Stripe Base Runner LS, Parallel Striped Run Day Crops, Macro Micro Striped Wunder Under Pants

No Limit Tanks

Parallel Wunder Unders, High Low Wunder Unders in Black Wee Stripe, Macro Micro Wunder Under Pants

Coco Pique Base Runner 1/2 Zip

Top left, High/Low Waist Wunder Under Pants in Black Wee Stripe

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