Friday, June 14, 2024

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 2 – February

by Cristina

This years special Christmas posts will be in the format of 12 Days Of Christmas. Each of the 12 days will represent a month of this past year and I will show a couple of samples from that months designs, either awesome or awesomely terrible…maybe one of each. On the last day, I will pick my favourites of the year for you. Please feel free to post in the comments your absolute favourite purchase of the year or your biggest flop. 

Rise and Shine Jacket 

This jacket was gorgeous in Frond. 

Layer Me LS

Although I really detested all the color blocking that had carried over from last year, I did quite like the color blocking that was used in the Dune/Black/Bleached Coral colorway and especially on this pullover. I think January/February/March where the months I spent the least amount on Lululemon. 

Street To Studio Jacket

I actually quite liked this jacket but it was an unfortunate length on me so I ended up returning it. Since this jacket came out immediately after reports of the Dance Studio Jacket being discontinued, this jacket was not received well as a replacement for the DSJ as it could have otherwise been recieved. I think this jacket was great in its own right, however it is definitely not a replacement for the DSJ. 

Surf To Studio Jacket

This jacket was really quite popular but overpriced at $139 and so it sat for months in stores. Many people loved it but held out for it for WMTM for a really long time and eventually got it for a decent price.  The luon was really great on this jacket. One thing that turned me off though was that the pockets where not zippered. 

Two To Make It True Jacket

This is a jacket design that I really didn’t care for at all, but it was reversible and extremely soft. It made it to markdown really quickly but was featured on the Guest Etc. blog where I got to see its very fashionable potential. 

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