Friday, June 21, 2024

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 1 – January

by Cristina

This years special Christmas posts will be in the format of 12 Days Of Christmas. Each of the 12 days will represent a month of this past year and I will show a couple of samples from that months designs, either awesome or awesomely terrible…maybe one of each. On the last day, I will pick my favourites of the year for you. Please feel free to post in the comments your absolute favourite purchase of the year or your biggest flop. 

The Pump It Up Jacket

I sort of regret not getting this one in mint moment since I really liked the design and like brushed luxtreme. I think I was just waiting for a different color to come out that I might like better and when they didn’t release any more of this jacket I decided I liked Mint Moment best and it was gone. 

The first time in almost forever (well, since 2009ish) that Lululemon decided to give green a chance again. Savage Green items from 2009 where quite popular on ebay with Cool Racerbacks fetching over $100. Frond is really pretty but note quite the green that people where wanting so the Frond Gingham did end up going to markdown but I also think that had a lot to do with the texture and fit of the tank. Had Frond come out in a solid Cool Racerback I’m sure it would have sold out. I have the Frond Energy Bra and find it compliments a lot of other colors really nicely. 

Spring Has Sprung Print

This print had some potential, however, many of the designs it came out in where hideous. I mean, the Root Chakra Pants were awful enough but adding the color panelling that people where hating along with a busy floral print was a huge mistake. We never did end up seeing the Spring Has Sprung print in the Cool Racerback (or Laceoflage) which Australia got, but I believe they were pulled for quality or possibly delayed to the point it didn’t make sense to release them. 

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