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The Latest: Sizzle CRB, Spry Contempo Jacket, Speed Shorts, Mod Dot Scuba and More

July 11, 2013

I’m really, really loving this color pallet. I’m loving the colors individually as well as together in different combinations and that is so rare for me to like entire palettes that much. I think the last one I really liked was last summers Angel Blue, Bordeaux Drama and Split Pea. 

Sizzle Cool Racerbac

I want MOAR items in sizzle!

Spry Blue and Love Red Contempo Jackets

This picture is from an Australian store featuring the Spry Swiftly LS

 The dizzying Mod Dot Twin Stripe Scuba. Actually, it is quite cute but I’m sure this is a pattern I’d get bored of. 

Love Red combined with Sizzle and the Run: Speed Shorts in both colors

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