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Lululemon Blames The Customer For Sheer Yoga Pants

July 11, 2013

Lululemon has issued a press release to media yesterday stating that continued complaints of sheer yoga pants is caused by customers who are wearing pants  that are too small. Here is the statement:

Retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc. says customers could still be sporting see-through Luon yoga pants because they’re buying sizes that are too small for them.

The Vancouver-based company said Wednesday there are still “a few negative comments” circulating on the Internet from shoppers who it believes are buying the wrong size.

The problem may be that “guests don’t have the benefit of doing an in-store fit session with one of our educators to make sure the fit is right for them,” the company said in a Frequently Asked Questions section of its website.

“The majority of feedback about the return of our black luon bottoms has been positive,” it noted.

I find this statement completely idiotic, disgusting and unprofessional and I really truly feel Lululemon needs a new media management team that can effectively communicate publicly without insulting and alienating their entire customer base.  What exactly is the point of a press release like this one other than to excuse themselves to their shareholders and in effect, kissing away their loyal customers? 

Lululemon pants, before the recall and before the quality issues (approximately a year and a half ago) where not sheer no matter what size you put on. The sign of too small luon used to simply be shinnyness. THAT was the sign that your pants where too small (read the Lululemon Blog Post here about determining fit). At some point, lululemon decided to change their signature luon (nylon, lycra blend) to include polyester (anywhere from 52% polyester to 97% polyester), and they made the fabric blends thinner and thinner with less compression. As a result, when this new material is stretched or light in color, it becomes extremely sheer. This is why the pants are sheer, not because the customers don’t know what size they are. Choosing a size up in pants *may* help make them become slightly more opaque (only slightly), but that is at the risk of functional fit for exercise purposes. Your pants will be slightly more opaque, but then they fall down while you are exercising in them. Also, suggesting your customer base needs to size up in luon bottoms has now sized out all of your size 10 and 12 customers. You know, the people with athletic bodies that work out all the time????

Another issue with this new line of BS I’m having, is that it’s become obvious that store educators have been coached on speaking with customers (guests) and are now repeating scripts along the lines of ‘Oh my gosh, we just learned about ‘true fit’ the other day and I learned that although my ‘preferred size’ is a size 8, according to our measurements my ‘true size’ is  a size 10′ This script, or some version of it has been repeated over and over and over again to customers. All you need to do to hear it is stand in the vicinity of the pants wall and someone will approach you with this helpful little tip. It’s so disingenuous it makes me want to hurl every time I hear it, or hear a reader mention this type of an encounter. Basically, you can wear pants that fit and have them be sheer, or pants that are too big that you can’t work out in but they will be opaque. You can no longer have it both ways. 

And now, the comments section of every news article on this story has these disgusting quips from people that do not wear the brand, and who are not shareholders. Lululemon, why would you put your customers in this position? We’ve been made to feel embarrassed already by wearing sheer pants, and now you are embarrassing us again by blaming us for the sheerness in the pants you have created defectively. I just don’t understand why Lululemon is blaming the customer when there has very clearly been a change in quality of luon, resulting in sheerness among other quality issues. The luon now is NOT the same fabric it once was. Your longtime employees know this. I have heard it in hushed whispers from almost every single store I’ve been in in the last year. 

This guy is the winner for biggest douche prize

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This is what adding polyester to your signature luon does. 

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