Merry Christmas to my observing readers, and Happy Holidays to everybody! Today we get a glimpse at some of the new items that will be in store and uploaded on Boxing Day. Sadly I don’t have a markdown list this year (unless someone wants to throw one my way) but we do get to see some of the new items that are being released on Wednesday. It’s pretty much all the Pink Shell Items that have been held back, or released earlier then pulled off the shelves. I was really hoping to see some Burning Yellow items or those Ebb and Flow II Crops in Raspberry Glow or Black Swan, or, the Laceoflage CRB. 

Astro Wunder Under Crops

Power Y Pink Shell Stripe

Pink Shell Swiftly LS

Sea Stripe Pink Shell Free To Be Bra

Organic Wunder Under Pants (Under Pants) in Classic Stripe

Pink Shell CRB

Pink Shell Scuba Stretch

Pink Shell All Sport Bra *Heart Rate Monitor

Shell Pink Forme Jacket

Shell Pink Swiftly SS and LS

Ta Ta Tamer II Wee Are From Space Black/Boal/White

Pink Shell/White

Vinyasa II Flash/Inkwell

Speed Shorts Pink Shell

Sea Stripe Pink Shell Cool Racerback

Classic Stripe Pink Shell/White Free To Be Tank

Run: For Your Life Crops

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