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A Few Of My Favorite Things From Lululemon 2012 (And A Few Of The Worst)

December 21, 2012

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my lovely readers! And thank you so much for checking in daily and keeping the conversation exciting in the comments section. I hope you all get some great coveted lululemon under your Christmas tree this year, and if not, then I hope the Boxing Day sales are awesome and that you have plenty of gift cards!

This year, as you know, I’ve been overall pretty disappointed in Lululemon’s product lineup, particularily for Fall/Winter. There where still some highlights though even when the quality fell short on some things and I think overall Lululemon used some really excellent colors this year and fun patterns and prints. The running items this entire year has really not appealed to me at all. Mostly due to scalloped hemlines, colorblocking and deconstructed seam designs and shorter lengths. I loved Limitless Blue and would have eagerly gotten a run pullover in that color had it been designed more like pullovers from past years. I think it’s safe to say though that the color bleed issue has really died down since mid summer when Bordeaux Drama was introduced. Bordeaux Drama was a great color and I really loved the Angel Blue/Split Pea/Bordeaux palette and then later the Raspberry Glow/Alberta Lake/Limitless Blue palette. This is a roundup of items I really liked this year, and a few items on the naughty list that where pretty bad designs.

Solid Colored Cool Racerbacks

Last year it seemed like everything was heathered, and the year before was static. I really hate anything with too much polyester and I was happy to notice that lululemon listened to that feedback and have been offering so many colors in solids with no polyester added. I wish the prints would come like this as well but at least I’m getting my color fix. I grab any color that comes up in a solid that I like without even thinking about it because I know I gravitate to those ones the most for my workouts. I do like some heathereds but for longevity and versatility I like my solids best. My most used CRB right now is this Pigment Blue one. I think I’m alternating for Crossfit between Pigment, Limitless, Black Swan and Tender Violet. 

Devotion Tee Long Sleeves

I LOVE the Devotion Tee. I know a lot of you miss the Cabin LS but for me they were way to warm for daily use. When I realized how ideal the Devotion Tee was for me in temperature and in design and length I sold off all my Cabin LS’s. I initially was thrown off by the thinness of them and gave my first one a bad review but other colorways have been much better for me than that first one I tried. Plus, you can layer them together for warmth or wear a single. Options!!

 Define Jackets

At one time I really disliked the Define Jacket for some reason, but this year I gave it a chance when my favorite color made a comeback in just the Define (instead of also the Stride/In Stride) and I was inexplicably attracted to it. Once I tried it on I realized how flattering it was and how perfect it is for Crossfit. I ended up getting 3 more (Heathered Angel Blue, Bordeaux Drama, Rose Herringbone) and I think they are the prettiest Define colors/prints I have ever seen. I’m glad I got those because right after I got the Rose Herringbone Define we were informed that the Define Jacket which once came out in 6+ colors each month and sold out immediately was now to be discontinued in favor of the Forme Jacket. They brought back Scoop Neck Tanks this month so I have hope these will come back someday. Again, this is my crossfit uniform. CRB under a Define Jacket, a puffy vest over top and my Ebb and Flows. 

Run: Catch Me Tank

Tanks with built in bras, and luxtreme tanks aren’t usually what I buy but I was really attracted to the Catch Me Tank. When it came out in Bordeaux Drama I decided to give it a chance and I really ended up loving it for Crossfit. I especially love that it’s a luxtreme tank that doesn’t cling to my mid section .  The color is really the highlight though here. I think this year Lululemon really answered the call for more sombre colors instead of the usual brights and pastels. Bordeaux Drama and Alberta Lake are both really unusual colors for Lululemon which have popped up in items here and there in really retro Lulu items. Alberta Lake really reminds me of the color Stitch.  When these two colors came out people could not get enough of them. I was really sad that I only found one item in Alberta Lake that worked for me, but I’m glad I did get one item in it and that I got a few Bordeaux Drama items. Although I did pass on the CRB. 

Free To Be Bra Laceoflage Print

Again, bra tanks and luxtreme tanks are not usually what I gravitate too but I just love this print so much and really dislike the polyestery luon version of the print so I opted to go with the Free to Be Tank. It’s super pretty on and it will be great for Crossfit. This is another print that reminds me of retro Lululemon. It looks so similar to Billy Floral from 2008. 

Ebb and Flow Crops

I LOVE these crops for Crossfit. The material is amazing and really hasn’t pilled on me at all with frequent wearing. It’s all I wear to Crossfit ever. I wash them after each workout and quickly hang them to dry so they are ready for the next morning. They hide Mommy tummy, they are great butt pants, they are really breathable and feel like you have nothing on. I NEED more of these for Crossfit so I don’t have to keep alternating the same two pairs of pants. 

Herringbone Pocket Runder Unders

I really wanted Herringbone pants this year since I missed out on last years, and this was the first item that came out in Herringbone. Once I saw them in store they were so unbelievably soft that I could not put them down. I love that it has the typical running pant waist and that it sits higher up on me than Wunder Unders. I finally got to take them out for a winter run yesterday evening in -2* and they were perfection. 

Dune Studio Pants

all of the swift pants this year have had major problems with the waistband. Rolling waistbands, unravelling waistbands and fishing wire sticking out all around the inside. Stores have honored returns on these issues. The high light for me is again the color. I loved Dune once I tried it on and never expected it to be a color I would like. Its a really nice warm neutral and it looks just awesome in the Studio Pants. 

Run: Turn Around Jacket in Alberta Lake

I splurged with this jacket because I was somewhat interested in it last year and this year it came in a color I love, Alberta Lake. Lululemon gave a lot of mixed messages wether or not this jacket is 600 Fill or 800 Fill so that is a mystery to me still. It’s ultra lightweight and really great as a daily winter jacket. I’m not using it as a running jacket right now (hate the idea of having to wash down repeatedly) but It’s perfect for how I’m using it. 

Transformation Wrap

This wrap is not exactly totally perfect, but I really love it anyways. I think this design tweaked just slightly next year will make it awesome. I love the length, I love the style. I don’t really reverse it since it’s the same color on both sides but I really like how it looks with jeans. I wish the lapels on this was slightly different and that the knit pattern on it wasn’t so wide. maybe if it was more of a pointelle knit or a lighter thinner knit on the lapel area it would fold over nicer and be lighter. I also wish the pockets where placed more forward rather than being so far back on the hips. It sort of adds bulk to that area with the pocket placement and the scalloped hem. I wear this wrap a lot though and its a great transition piece from Athletic wear to street wear. I think if they hadn’t focused on making this a reversible convertible piece I think they would have nailed the design. Again, Dune is the perfect color in this and it makes whatever color shirt I have on underneath just pop. 

Carry and Go Hoodie

This was this years version of the light cotton french terry. In retrospect I’m so glad I snatched the red one instead of waiting for a Sing Floss Travel Jacket which never panned out. I only wish this one was slightly longer on the torso, but I otherwise love how this hoodie looks with all the pockets and pattern. The Red Commuter Denim is so pretty!

Scuba Hoodie Stretch Laceoflage

I love this scuba! I love the look of it but am really hung up on the design changes of the Scuba Hoodie to the Scuba Hoodie Stretch. Most of all I really hate that they’ve cropped the length because the band at the bottom really hits me at a bad spot. The other thing I hate is that they’ve not doubled up the lining in the hood like they used to with the Scuba, and they’ve left the inner lining sort of ‘raw’. They’ve really cut the quality features of the most popular hoodie ever to reduce production cost and increase margins which is so sad. Relying on cropped designs is a way to reduce material costs to them but for those of us with long torsos, we aren’t shrinking, so they are sizing us out in terms of length. This one and the Alberta Lake Herringbone Rose I would have easily snatched both up. I think those have been the only two that sold out. 

Porta Potty Scuba Hoodie

This was a momentary glimmer of hope that Lululemon was coming out with a true green. Sadly, it was a single item that came out in this color and one of the last scubas that where out right before the introduction of the Scuba Stretch. I wasn’t really interested in getting a Scuba in this color (although I do love it) but I would have absolutely loved a Cool Racerback and Swiftly Tank or LS in this. I know Lululemon is finally coming out with a great true yellow (Burning Yellow) so hopefully they are going to come out with a true Kelly or Emerald Green. 

Best Of The Worst List

Presence of Mind Jacket

Covers It All Dress

A Muse Me Pant

Hot Spell One Piece

Swim Line 2012

Did I miss anything on the naughty list? Anything I should add to the Favorite things list? I’d love to know what your top favorites this year where and what made you cringe. 

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