Some goodies uploaded tonight, some items tempting me, but all I got was the Run: Catch Me Tank in Bordeaux Drama. I had a return today due to a quality issue and unfortunately I was SOL in getting my money back but I did get a gift card which I applied towards the Run: Catch Me Tank (and still had to add $18 to that total!). I would have likely ordered the Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket had it been uploaded but unfortunately it has not. 

What did you guys order tonight? where you disappointed in the smaller upload for the start of a new month and new season? 

 The Star Runner Pullover in Angel Blue tempted me at first but there is a lot of seam detailing at the shoulders that I’m not loving and I was also turned off earlier today when I saw the short sleeve version in store and it was quite worn looking and fuzzy in areas. 

 This bag, in this color is magnificent. I just can’t justify a gym bag.

If these are really limited edition prints then they really should be signed and numbered accordingly.  Otherwise it’s a poster or ‘reproduction’. That’s just my art school opinion though (read here about limited editions in printmaking and why ‘limited edition’ prints are numbered). 

frame not included..

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