It seems that Lululemon is now editing and removing feedback on items being marked down, and removing some feedback off of other items. Speed shorts with naked seams that had horrible reviews from runners that experienced cuts from the sharp seams digging in have now been completely removed in order to deceive customers and move product quicker. I really depend on reviews on many websites and sometimes make purchases on items with 50/50 feedback, but I never buy items that have been sitting for a while and have zero feedback. I find reviews really informative in deciding how to size an item, how it may fit on my figure and if its going to suit me. Just yesterday I purchased a shampoo after reading reviews on it that where a quite negative, but since the reviews where so descriptive and I knew that the reviewers had different hair type than mine I knew that despite the fact it didn’t work for many it would work for my hair type. Had that product not had the reviews it did I would have never made the leap in purchasing it and I’m now thrilled with it (Lush’s Curly Wurly if you’re curious). I’m really curious to see if the Wunder Under Crop reviews get edited because lately they are horrendous and almost every one lately discusses the sheerness as well as the camel toe that is occurring with the new gusset. 

In fact, I will go as far as saying that reviews on the Run: Like the Wind Pullover back in 2010 is what made me really look at lululemon products with an eye to specific features and with more than the cursory glance as I walked in and out stores. Its what made me really interested and started me blogging about the products. 

I think it’s such a huge mistake for lululemon to remove feedback. Despite that fact that it’s quite a smarmy and deceptive maneuver, the feedback is something that really educates the customer in an honest and unbiased manner. When the customer makes a purchased and then reads the reviews, it reinforces the purchase. 

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